Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On a Cookie Frenzy

Elaine & I were well on our way to the gym to take the body jam class. She says to me, " Jen, we need to stop by my uncle's house to drop-off cookies I wana try o diet ka?". I looked at her meaningfully and told her "NO WAY AM I on a diet noh!" bwhahaha and got myself an oatmeal cookie and a chocolate cookie from the container! I go, "sarap nito with black coffee"...she broke off some parts of the cookie I was eating and says to me "sarap nito with ice cream!"....we looked at eachother, smiled and drove to the nearest McDo to take out some ice cream! We ordered vanilla ice cream cones na di namin pinalagay sa cone, but rather in cups!!! hahaha They placed our ice cream in small drinking cups, and when the McDo person handed them to us ...."ang konti naman, pwede padagdag??? PLEAAAAASE " we pleaded with our most ice cream destituted look! hahaha It worked! ;P

We threw-in the cookies pieces in the white glory of the McDo soft serve and ate our delectable dessert duo with great gusto!!!

Oh boy did we enjoy our cookie-ice cream much that we drove back to her apartment to replenish our cookie supply.

The cokie drive-by: Here is manang bringing us the our cookie refill =)
What sugar high we were in, after having 6 cookies each!!!!!! Grabe---we were both so jolly, jumpy and giggly---sugar makes people happy, indeed =). A very good thing we were heading to the gym--if you had seen us dance that evening----all that James Brown and Pas de Bourrée done with such vigor hahaha!!! I just hope we burned off all that sugar! hahahahaha

Sometimes the best moments in life come from the simplest of things. Sweet cookies + cheap ice cream + great friendship = rolls of laughter =D .... One need not spend a lot for good times, right?

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