Sunday, July 15, 2007

Night Cap at Dome

Elaine and I went for a night cap at Dome...she told me the chocolate cake was good daw, so we tried it as oposed to goin back to the usual Starbucks.

We chose this fallen chocolate cake....hmmm that really did look FALLEN!!!
We are never really that fussy with our food..but we just had t return this because it looked like the waiter stepped on it before it gt placed on out plate =) hahahaha

I chose to have an get my caffeine and ice cream fix at the same time--hit two birds with one stone! hahaha

The espresso was strong..the ice cream scoop just about right..not too much not too little, so that you end up with a creamy latte like finale sip!

Instead of the chocolate cake, we had the Carrot cake....

...which turned ut to be really, really good! We were both surprised! The cake had a moist crumb that was not dense nor crumbly. No hint of cinnamon here but it was really good carrot of my favorite now =) The cream cheese frosting was great as well...perfectly complimenting the cake!
We had lovely chit chat for hours...what lengths a carrot cake and affogato can take two people noh? hahaha
Why do I blog with food, food and more food?? It's because I feel that, great experiences are best complimented by good food, like when we eat out or throw a party to celebrate a special event, day or moment in our lives. How delicious it is to relish fond memories with friends and loved ones by associating them with places and food that you have shared and been to. Don't you think so? I think so. I like it how I remember or think of certain people when I am at certain restaurants or eating a particular food. =) (basta mag work out ka after!!!!!----harharhar ;P)

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