Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pièce de résistance =)

Don't mind the picture below...NO, I haven't watched the Simpson's yet! hahaha This just happen to be at the movie area at the Power Plant mall.

How cute are we??? ;P

First showing day of Ratatouille...I was able to watch it with Oli, Chinang and his girl friend Lyn! We thought the theatres would be packed, but to my surprise...konti lang tao!

I sooooooooooooo loved it and so did Oli!!!!!!!! We both have a passion for cooking! Oli is a trained chef too you see =) (right Krass???)

A cute, fun to watch and delicious cartoon! Anyone can cook!!!


Anonymous said...

i love ratatouille!!! just didnt like the last scene where all the rats where cooking.. but i looove it especially how remy prepared the ratatouille.. galing...

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

yeah, mejo kadiri nga that part... but funny nun bigla pumasok yun health inspector! ;P hahaha i love the part when anton ego tasted the ratatouille and was "brought back" to his childhood memories! hahaha hilarious!

love all the cooking it! love it! =)

thanks for dropping by jeff!