Sunday, July 22, 2007

Flower of The Lily =)

I haven't visited Fleur de Lys fro quite a while now. This nice pastry shop, located at the Vicky Belo building in Tomas Morato. How appropriate, don you think? After eating calorie ladened cakes & may run to Vicky Belo for instant Liposuction!!!! hahahahhaa ;P

My sister's and I had some desserts there---it was a rainy afternon, and we just wanted to have a little break on a Saturday work day.

Both my sisters had the Madacamia Nut pie...served with a small scoop of Pistachio ice cream....

I wasn't in the mood for cake that day. I saw a basket of cookies...and picked out the Dark Chocolate Chip Rum Raisin Cookies....Php 80.00 for 4 pcs

I asked the waitress to serve one cookie for me...instructed her to warm it up and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream =) and...

...exactly what the doctor ordered! I so was happy she obliged to my somewhat finicky request. A nice hot and cold combination treat! I had it with a big cup of black coffee ...I love the contrasting temperatures and tastes...warm sweet cookie (loved the rum-raisin duo with the chunky dark chocolate bits) ...cold creamy vanilla ice cream, that was great to bring down the sweetness of the cookie with each bite and hot bitter coffee to highten all the flavors! I find that drinking strong black coffee really sets the palate while enjoying rich and sweet a little dessert goes a long way!!! I love it!

A perfect rainy afternoon escape =)

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