Thursday, July 26, 2007

Over at Wonton

It's been quite a while since I've spent time with my dear, dear friend Harry. I missed him na talaga! We've been very good friends back in UP days. I remember the numerous lunch outs, hang time, "takas" na gimmicks and hours and hours on the phone alomst on a daily basis! My best guy friend since college =)

Wel, as you get older, lifestyles change, schedules change and little by little days separate you and before you know it...months have passed or sometimes years. Nevertheless, I believe that no matter how long or how far two friends have been separated, when they come together again, it's like that gap is just a mere day. Don't you believe so? I do.

Yesterday we finally got the chance to catch up...over a little merienda at Wonton in Greenhills, a small and simple chinese resto. We did more talking than eating.

Siomai for me

Siopao for Harry

It was great to see him again! We both bicker about how old we are we seem to be bored with the monotony of rutinary life sometimes; how we crave for a little excitement; how tamad we get to go gimmicking at spiffy bars (which the ideal of used to excite our socks-off when we were back in College).
I can't help but feel nostalgic. I thought about the good ol' days....One great life factor we had in common back then, was that we both had awfully strict parents! Our curfews are unbelievable, I tell you. Our social lives was close to being non-existent! hahahaha---well night life lang naman :p When we do get the chance to go out at night, as bad as mga 9pm pa lang our cell phones will be ringing at manlalamig na kame kase we know it means we need to head home! But during the time we spend in school we enjoy our free cuts to the utmost level! Katipunan Avenue was our canteen! Cars were our study hall. Life was still very much fun back then, even with minimal party time =) hahahha I remember talking hours and hours on the phone about anything and everything. After college we still kept close, seeing eachother through good and bad and heartaches...success and defeat. I guess it only these past months or year na ba (?), that we haven't been as close as we did.
So glad our schedules finally met! It was great spending time with you my friend--pero bitin..bitin!!!
One lesson I've learned in life (before 30): Love may come and go, but real friends stay forever.

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