Friday, December 14, 2007

Snack Time at Penang

Let's have a break at Penang Hill, Shangri la mall. They have this meryenda set offering...Ham & Cheese Martabak with coffee or tea or cold.
Yummu and flaky roti bread with ham and cheese indian ham & cheese sandwich! heheheh served with curry dip! Yummy and something differrent for a snack cum early dinner =) I actually asked for coffee..but they served me tea tarik =( Maybe I am reallynot supposed to have coffee..*sighh...

Let's add protein to that....Mix Satay

These are skewered chicken and beef...where's the pork???? served with nice peanut sauce.

It was a nice and kind of light meal...we enjoyed the novelity of our choice =)


Ruy said...

How's the price? Was it worth it?=) I just made (guessed into existence) peanut sauce last week for the ready to grill satay they sell in hypermart. Thank heavens I did because it was just too bland to be eaten by itself.
You just reminded me that I miss the peanut sauce in Rasa Singapura (now gone) along Judge Jimnenez QC.

Jen Tan said...

it wasn't so bad..they satay, if I remember correctly, costs around php 185.00 for that plate.Naku..sana you just marinated your own meat for satay...safer and tastier for sure! how did your peanut sauce go? I tell you what...I love the satay at Satay King in Singapore and when I was in Vietnam, can you believe nilalako ito sa street? The ambulant satay vendors lug around this somewhat like a taho vendor balance, one end having the marinated satays and on the other THE GRILL!!! grabe noh? talk about effort! hahah it was cool to watch..delicious to eat but scarry for the digestive track! ;P hahahaha

I have heard of Rasa Singapura when I was a kid...but unfortunately didn't get a chance to eat was it? =)

Ruy said...

The sauce wasn't as great as I wanted it to be as it was a spur of the moment idea and I didnt have all the ingredients I would have wanted to use. Liv liked it though.=)
Those satay vendors are very interesting. I wonder if their labor and sweat in carrying the barbecue around adds to the tastiness too. Hehehe.
I loved the satay, their fried chiken thing, char kway chow, sambal shrimps and the free peanut sauce. Grabe, when I was a kid I remember thinking to myself that the taste of the food really came from somewhere far away. I loved it.

Jen Tan said...

as long as liv thinks your sauce its good..the it must be good =) many interesting and delicious food of the many reasons travelling is great!