Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The BBQ Beef Mcdo =)

How sweet is my baby sis Nikki.....shhhhhh don't tell her I said that ;P hehehe Yeah she is so! =)

We have been eyeing the new item on the McDo menu...THE BBQ BEEF MCDO! Everymoring when we pass the ad boards at various McDo branches...we look at eachother and cry in unison"BBQ BEEF MCDO!!!!!" hahaha. Abeit the grief and toil brought by her finals week, she manages to be oh so thoughtful by surprising me with this.........

THE BBQ BEEF MCDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

hahaha! yes, yes...when I fetched her around lunch time....she was holding a plastic bag with those oh so familiar arches and having that conspicuous shape of styro-containers we know so well! hahaha She was so excited to tell me...."dits!...BBQ BEEF MCDO!!!" HAHAHAH

We hurried back to the office to have a taste of these babies! Well as you can see...nothing to go wild about the looks of the so called bbq...but what the heck...we were excited to try! Upon tasting it we surmised...it is THE MCDO LONGANISA...MADE LONGER AND SLATHERED WITH A SWEETISH BBQ SAUCE! =) ahahah Well, what do you expect from our good ol' fast food joints, but to mask their what-have-yous with different sauce...give 'em a different name...and you got a NEW MEAL! =) Smart, smart! And we love 'em! hahaha

It was very amusing and fun to eat...do give it a try! Next up..the Choco-Fudge sundae line! hahaha

Awww...my sis...a real darling =)


Ruy said...

Wow I never knew this existed. Hahaha! I will definitely give this a try within the next couple of days. I'm a sucker for new McDo rice meals.

Ruy said...

And you sister is so sweet indeed. =)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...try mo!!! =) let me know what you think when you do ok?

yeah...she is sweet...sssshhhh ;P hahahaha

Ruy said...

Hey Jen! I just tried the BBQ Beef McDo. I was kind of hoping you were joking when you said that its the McLonganisa with BBQ sauce. YOU WERE SO RIGHT ON.
I'm not so fond of the McDo longanisa not because of the taste but because it sort of compells me to burp this oh so strong McLonga blast of air whenever I eat it (eeeeeeewwwwwww!!!). Haha!
The BBQ beef tastes like the McLonga and has the same effect.=&