Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Baking #1: Chocolate Cake with Creamy White Frosting

It's baking time!!!! I have been on the bread frenzy..the whole year I think...for for this Yuletide season...let me bake a cake =)

The last full blown cake that I have made was ages here we go....

creamed the butter with sugar and eggs...

cocoa incorporated
panning the batter
baking my first cake layer in the Kitchen aid oven...

lovely rich-dark colored chocolatey ckaes =)
I cooled them and prepared my Creamy White Frosting. I cose a white frosting because I felt like I want a white christmas cake =) hhehe

here I placed the frosting on the first cake layer

making an oreo cookie sandwich here

frosting the whole thing all over

...but I really don't fancy white looking I decided to dustthe whole thing with cocoa powder and put shaved bitter-sweet chocolate on the sides and some more on top =)

TADA!!!! My Christmas Chocolate cake
hmmm any suggestions for a name?
This one went out as a gift =) Christmas baking is soooo delightful and fulfilling.


canDIshhh said...

The JENious Choco Cake!

spanx said...


Ruy said...


Jen Tan said...

didi...ok ah! ;P hehehe

hahahah Thanks guys!!! =)

Anonymous said...
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oliboy said...

is this the one that you gave us? THIS IS SOOOOO YUMMY!!! 1st hand experience people!

arvi09 said...

hmmm... how about...

"chocolate jen"

Jen Tan said...

yes kras..this is the cake I gave your family =) yey!!! so glad you guys liked it...makes me soooo you guys!!!

Jen Tan said...

arvi..chocolate jen hahaha...hmmm pwede..pwede... =)