Saturday, December 15, 2007

Something New or Something Old?

I missed my Oli pooh. It's been quite a while since we hanged out, and so glad we had a chance to have dinner together at a nice place to boot =)

We went to powerplant mall and looked for a nice place to dine in. We contemplated on goin to Cantinetta, we love the food there but we were more compelled to go try something new for the evening. We picked Myron's Steaks, Ribs & Seafood. I seen and read about this place for quite sometime now...and finally.....

This is Oli's Seafood Chowder

A funny thing...after giving our orders, the served goes back to our table and asks us.."papa-split po ba yun soup?" we looked at eachother, quizzical..."malaki kaya yun serving?" but I didn't want any so we just said no. I can just taste from Oli's bowl anyway! hehehe It was kinda funny when the waitress laid this small soup bowl with a thin sliced toast. We go..."if we had it split..tig-1 tablespoon tayo?" hahahaha ;P Soup was ok...a bit too cream can really taste the elle & vire here =) Nonetheless, it had a good load of seafood bits that was really nice.

My Carribean Mojo Chicken with Grilled Plantains and Mango Rice
I know, this is as steak and seafood place...but chicken is number 1 on my list when it comes to protein choice! This dish was on the house specialty list so...I gave it a go. Lucky I did because it was delish! The chicken was smothered with this spicy, but not hot sauce. I thought that it would be over powering...but to my delight..thick as it seemed it was just right! I loved the grilled plantains, veggies and mango rice! Yes..fresh mangoes chopped up and mixed in with the flavored rice. I loved it! The sweeteness of the plantains and mangoes in the rice gave a pleasant dimension to the whole entree and cut through the strong flavors of the spicy chicken sauce. Great! The whole fruit and spice experice while eating the dish indeed gave that over-all Carribean flair!

Oli chose from the ultimate sandwiches selections. He just adores Wagyu beef burgers, so when he came across it on the menu..he naturally picked that =)

The Ultimate Third-of-a-Pound Wagyu Burger
Well, looking at the plate as it was served to can barely see the burger here. Mounds of fries and onion rings were pilled up covering the main star of the show. I wonder why they did so?

Let's set those fried sides aside to reveal the burger within!!!

hmmm.. the patty was kinda small...and masked with melted cheese and mushrooms. I tasted the patty and I was a bit surprised that it was lean tasting. Well, i have never had Wagyu beef burger or Wagyu anything yet (another must try soon!). Oli tells me it was not the best tasting wagyu-beef burger he has had...and he has tried quite a few. He says he was definitely more impressed with the La Maison rendition. I want to try La Maison soon =)

We mopped our plates clean and was very satiated with our room for dessert! I was eyeing on the bread pudding ala mode with caramel ice cream...sounds yummy noh?
Perhaps on a next visit. =)


Ruy said...

Caramel ice cream sounds great. Your chicken sounds really interesting. I can imagine the flavors going together really well.
I like wagyu burger with gorgonzola.=)

Ruy said...

I sound like a freaking caveman (this is what happens when you're doing so many thigs while commenting).

spanx said...


i think you're a closet capampangan.

kanyaman mu mangan!

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...haha you're fine...the message is getting worries ok? =)

my chicken was really nice! i love gorgonzola....but am not so hots over burgers ;P hehhhe

Jen Tan said...

haha hey spanx!.. what does that mean??? =)