Friday, December 07, 2007

SOMS in Tomas Morato!

You read it right my friend! Soms Noodle House is in the house! I actually saw it the week I tried Jozu, but had I much rather blog about it when I get to try it.

It is located at the 2nd floor of Zensho, in Tomas Morato, very near McDonald's and same compound as Lord Stowe's.

I unfortunately have no pictures to share..because, when the food started to come in...and I was about to click at the first batt died =( hay. I used my phone cam to take pics, but wala ako gana i-upload! haahaha ;P Maybe I just need to go back here again. The good news is as good as in the original carinderia outlet in is way better here...with air-conditioning, glass tables..real chairs hahaha...give that more sanitary feel ;P hahaha I joke! I don't mean to imply the carinderia branch is not clean...please do NOT get me wrong, I have eaten there several times...its ok naman =)

We had the red chicken curry, bagoong rice, thai spring rolls, tonto fish (which was very good and crispy! The meat was redolent of milk fish but fleshier), siomai ( i liked it very much...the filling was similar to the spring roll had vermicelli noodles and I liked the sauce with was sort of like kechap manis I got from Bali---a thick, sweetish and soy sauce-like dip). We also had tom yum soup and the cat fish salad! All had the same delicious-ness as when I had them in the original branch.

Yey...soms is near and I think we wil be regulars here =D!!!!


spanx said...


this is great, no need to go all the way to rockwell for some spicy thai ",)

you're also based near the timog/t.morato area?

my office is on quezon ave., and ruy's is near kamuning, so it would be easy for us to set up a food trip here.

(with batteries in our cameras. hahaha!)

canDIshhh said...

Jen! Actually Panget and I tried this and again we were not as bowled over as others...

The Thai tea was great, the Chicken Basil and the curry - but there was really something missing.

But mind you - the price is STILL great! :)

Spanx - sama ako!! Hehehe.. I'm a QC fellow too!!

Ruy said...

Let's do this.=)

Jen Tan said...

hey spanx! office is near tomas morato...=)

very amusing information...we all are in the same area pala....easy to meet and eat!!! yehey!! =)

let's set it up then!!! and yes..will make sure my camera batt is FULLY charged this time =) hahahha

Jen Tan said... morato ba?? hmmm we I haven't tried the Thai basil chicken...only the regular stuff I like having there like spring rolls and bagoong siomai ok sakin... =) yun sa rockwell na try nyo din ba?

yes di...sama kayo ni edi pag eat meet with ruy and spanx!!!! i miss you naaaaaaaaaaaaa =D

Jen Tan said...

ruy...tara!!! =)

Anonymous said...

ako rin!!!!!

Ruy said...

Woohooo! Set it up! Set it up!

spanx said...

how about monday, dec.17?

doc chef,
did you receive the e-mail i sent to your gmail account?

thanks for allowing us to use your comments area for our planning session ",)

Jen Tan said...


ruy..go!!! =) sweat...plan away!!!! =)

Ruy said...

17 is good for me.