Saturday, December 08, 2007

Re-visiting Cafe Juanita

I think I have one too many posts on Cafe Juanita...but let me just another to my repertoire. My sis Che, who just got married, just adores this place. I have never had lunch here, so a first here. Dinner time, the place sets a romantic lunch....


French Onion Soup

Yummy and slightly thick onion soup topped with a slice of baguette. My atchi thought it needed a bit more salth though.

This is the fave of my two younger sisters. Still delicious!

Lengua Estofado

My atchi is a real lengua lover. Although, she likes the pastels better, she found this dish realy good and absolutely flavorful! It's her first time at Juanita.

I wanted to try something I I chose the Chicken Mozarella
It's chicken breast with tomato and mozarella cheese, served with garlic rice. This dish has a lighter flavor as compared to the dishes my sisters had....but I like the subtle taste of this dish and wellc omplimented by the garlic rice =)

Coffee was good this time =)

and ofcourse...a meal is not complete at Juanita without ending it with the Toffee Pudding ala Mode
your sweet-tooth with definitely jump for joy over this dessert. My sisters especially liked them...they love the sweet stuff!

This resto has never failed me. Each dining experience here is indeed a pleasant one...and there is so many dished to try on each visit. We like =)


canDIshhh said...

You're right, it's damn FESTIVE! hahaha.. I hear the Sunday lunch is to die for.. Game? :)

Ruy said...

Is this the one in pasig?
Sarap naman ng food nyo. Reminds me of the type of food my lola cooked when I was young and we regularly went to her place every Sunday.

Jen Tan said...

hey Didi! yes very festive indeed! yeah there is Sunday lunch buffet...and mura ah...ikaw ata ang nagsabe sakin nun noon? hehehe game?---GAME---sympre!!! =D

Jen Tan said...

yes barangay Capitolyo...near Pioneer Supermarket. Thefood is really good...parang homecooked talaga..espanyoli-pinoy pero may mga iba din cuisine. you have to go here with liv and andea... the place is charming ...of pwede kayo date ni liv pag dinner. make sure you have reservations pag weekend nights...mejo packed sila 632-0357

spanx said...

if they open another branch,
they should call it Cafe JENita,
in honor of their #1 fan!

Ruy said...

Thanks for the tip Jen! Galing mong endorser.=) You have me convinced.

Jen Tan said...

hahahah...cute yun spanx ;P bwahahaha cafe JENita ah! not bad!

Jen Tan said...

hey problemo! i like sharing places i had fun dining in with nice people like you! hahaha na i'm sure would love to try out nice and new places! ako din dame napupulot na tid bits and info from your blog-ness!!! hhaha thnak you also!