Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas is About Giving

Ah I can really say, that I feel Christmas the most through giving...and receiving is as heart warming too. Whatever it maybe...the time the gift is made, bought or designated to that very special moment the person's thoughts are of you=) That is how I think of it and that is why I appreciate anything and everything given to me by friends and loved ones.

Well, amongst the first christmas treats I think I have received are from my foodie-friends here...and to add to the cookie and bagoong christmas loot....the very sweet family of Ruy (of A Taste of Married Life) gave me oh sooo wonderful Buko Pie...the Nortehrn rendition if this yummy pastry.

They are thinner than the average buko more delicate to eat =)

Soooo nice of Ruy and Liv to drop by and give me these wonderful treats =)
Thank you very much!!!! =)
Giving back...I made Banana-Peanut Butter ode to Elvis and gift for Ruy Family and Mr. Spanx!

I baked it in the office...kind of in a rush (because the urge to bake and give was intense at the moment! hahaha )...but with all my heart and thoughts of these nice people! =D

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!


Ruy said...

This peanut butter banana combo rocks! Perfectly baked, it was definitely done by a pro!
Nasa office pa yan ha!=)

You're very welcome!

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! thanks so much!!!! AM SOOO happy you liked them...=) pasensha na mainit pa nun inabot ko! hahahah...but then again mas ok pag kainin na that way ;P hehehe

i am a happy baker! hahahaha

spanx said...

you have an OVEN in your OFFICE?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

now i know where to go for merienda.

Jen Tan said...

yes i do spanx =) hahahaa why..don't you???

sure sure..meryenda anytime! hahahaha