Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lunch at Cafea

Another place I used to hang out a lot in years ago...back along the time of the Aresi hay this coffee shop at Mother Ignacia, behind Cafea. That starbucks about around Morato...this place was packed!

Well, gone are those days, as coffee shops abound the area..and this place has become quiet. I had lunch there with a good friend of mine and good to know the good ol' faves are still ok.

The Beef Kebab

I prefer the chicken. Grilled skewered beef, on java rice served with yummy peanut sauce.

My Apple, Wlanut and Prune Salad

A light and nice lunch salad =) I like fruits in salads =)
The place is wifi free! It's kinda gloomy now here..but not bad for quiet lunches.

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