Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tasting Married Life ;P

Blogging is really such a great avenue to meet a lot of fantastic people! Last Saturday I got the chance to meet the family of one of my favorite bloggy friends..Ruy and Liv of A Taste of Married Life! They were soooo sweet to invite me to try out their cousin's new restaurant located at Examiner St., where the old Sucre used to stand....a fusion asian resto called Bellore.
A kind of Italian sounding name isn't it? But, as I have is actually a combination of the surnames of the partners owning this nice resto =)

I dragged my friend Elainey to have meryenda with Ruy, Liv and beautiful baby Andrea. Naturally we got there ahead of them...because we were hungry! ;P hahaha When Liv walked in the resto carrying baby Andrea..I knew it was her...and I go..."Liv!!!!!!! --?" hahaha As if I knew them for a long time already. Ruy came in shortly after....and the chit-chat started on....

Elaine and I shared this Oyster-Bacon Burger

Yes! Oysters and a burger! Sounds great and very interesting as I love oysters and bacon...though I am not much of a burger fan. Well, it does taste as good as it sound! You can taste the oysters and bacon married into the thick and juicy beef patty. Yummm..kahit hindi ako burger lover ....sarap! =) Sana hindi kame nag half lang ;P hehehe

We also ordered the Gula-Melaka Chicken Wings

Para may ma-share kame kila Ruy and Liv...because when they got there...naka-order na kame =D hahaha I was intrigued by the name of this appetizer, actually. I havealways thought..Gula Melaka as a tapioca and coconut milk Malaysian dessert....I thought..hmmm perhaps it is marinated in coconut milk??? hahaha It was good!Very flavorful chicken wings with sesame need for dip because its really tasty =)

Unfortunately...our kwentuhan was kind of cut my friend called me and was to fetch me earlier than scheduled. I was super bitin!!!! Nevertheless, I am very, very happy to have met them, even for a short while. Well, this only means one thing...we have to have another meet! =)

Thank you Ruy and Liv please, please let's schedule another mas matagal para maka-make up for the bitin kwentuhan =) You guys are great and your cousin and uncle chef were sooo nice as well =) Super fun and super bitin (sowee for that) !

Hugs to baby Andrea.

Talagang a taste of married life! =) hahaha


Ruy said...

Awww... Hay, next time we have to have coffee naman (even if Liv insists I'm not a coffee drinker and that I'm more of a milkshake person). Haha. Na-challenge ang aking old espresso loving self.=)
Seriously, we had so much fun meeting you and Elaine. I kind of feel regret that I didn't get to warm up to chika mode right away as I was distracted by Andrea and my relatives. Had I known you'd be leaving early baka you and Elaine wouldn't have gotten any chance to talk. Haha!
You two were just so nice and meeting you just made our day.
Thank you and thank you for coming on such short notice.

Don't forget the other engagement we have in Katipunan.;p

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...yes...bring out youre frap-loving self so that when we do have coffee next time...I can show you my espresso-drinkin' prowess!!! ';P

No were ma-chicka naman that afternoon..baka mas madaldal lang ako! ;P bwahahaa Elaine and had so much fun kaya kelangan ng part 2!!! Please tell Liv ...I'm ready when you are =)

And yes...lookin' forward to the Katipunan engagement..just let me know =)

Thanks again you guys!!!

Ruy said...

Espresso hindi Frap! Haha! Papasikat nga ako eh.=)Syempre I wouldn't dare challenge you.

Jen Tan said...

hahaha...GREAT!!! espressoo..yah I think you shouldn't challenge me...I wouldn;t even challenge myself ;P HAHAHAHAHA kidding!!! it will be a friendly and non-competitive espresso meet ruy....

arvi09 said...

hey jen!

i finally got to read your blog. it's been a while since i blogged about food eh. anyway, thanks uli for trying us out. really appreciate your review. :)

let me know when you'll bring your sunday buddies for breakfast, para i can tell my tito to prepare something extra special for that day. :)

Jen Tan said...

hey arvi! thanks for reading me!

I actually passed your resto this morning and saw the Sunday breakfast buffet banner!!! I will definitely ask my brunch-buddies to give it ago..maybe this Sunday..but I will confirm. Sayang the Koreans left na...your uncle would have really impressed them with his cuisine =)

That is absolutely so nice of you to offer ah...nakakahiya naman...3 lang kame na breakfast girls...I am sure naman kahit walang extra specilally prepared ...special ang breakfast spread nyo =) Will give it ago very soon. I'll keep in touch!

Thanks again Arvi! sooo nice of you =)