Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bloggy Friendly Dinner =)

What a way I started the work-week...dinner with new friends from the blog world! hahaha Hmm not actually all from the blog world...hehehe. Mr. Manila Boy, Spanx was so nice to arrange a get together at SOMS thai noodle house in Morato.

To Spanx: actually you're the only one in the group that I haven't met that night! hehehee

My good friend Jeff of Scalpel and Skillet and Didi of Candisssh Tales where there for the meet and eat. Ruy of A Taste of Married Life, whom I have met already with his wonderful family, was there to join us too.

Over some Yellow Curry


Spring Rolls

Pandan Chicken

Red Curry

we chatted away about our passion for food and the blog-world! How amazing it really is from reading eachother and commenting...to finally sharing dinner! hahaha
It was really great meeting you Spanx (thanks for the bagoong)! Nice to have had the chance to chat with Ruy...and so happy to be with you Didi..kahit bitin and Jeff (thank you for the cookies)

Cookies and Bagoong...NOT TOP BE EATEN TOGETHER! HAHAHA ;p
The only rose among the thorns...

I think I really felt shy when didi left ah...but all of you guys were really great!
'till our next foodie meet! Hizon's or somewhere Italian =) hahhaha

The Boys
Spanx, Ruy & Jeff


arvi09 said...

dang! should've took you up on your offer to join you at SOMS... looks good!

Jen Tan said...

arvi! hahaha..yeah..oo nga sayang di ka sumama..would have been fun. next time meron pa naman I hope.

Anonymous said...

meron pa yan, kulitin natin si Spanky!!!

Ruy said...

Wohooo! Next time sa Bellore with Arvi hosting! Woohooo! Hehehe...=)