Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feel Christmas at World Bazaar 2007!

Going to bazaars makes me feel Christmas =) I love seeing people hustling and bustling over stalls...aisle over aisle...I love it! The World Bazaar 2007 is still on-going untill Decemeber 16 (this Sunday) if you haven't gone you still have chances to delve into goodies and finds =)

Well, I have had enough shopping the past week...and so I hid my shopping ju-ju for a bit of break...and just let my stomach enjoy the bazaar this time! hehehe

It's always like that you and eating do go hand in hand. Naturally when you hour and will definitely work up an appetite! This is why food stalls thrive in these bazaars!

Here are just a few things I got to try there. TAKOYAKI at Mushashi.

Throngs of people line up at this stall...and this is the only thing they sell. I joined in the band wagon and I was kinda disappointed with them. Gwen and I thought they were too floury and had too little octopus bits...if I am not mistaken....1 bit lang ata =) It was cheap Php 40.00 for 4 balls and served it was ok =)


oohhh yeah... delicious Italian gelatos...made fresh real gelatos ought to be.
here is a create of fresh tubs of gelato....yummmmmm...

my fave...Chocolates & Cereals
The pistachio is excellent and the creme in! it has that torched caramel taste of real creme brulleD !!!! hahaha
I had fun helping out selling as well =)
Happy to be in the it for shopping, eating or selling! hahaha
Ahhhhh feeling the Christmas spirit!!!!!


Ruy said...

Made daily? Thats cool! Have you seen how it's done?

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! not yet...mejo malayo sa aking ang plant nila...but I will surely try to one of these days.

Gelato is supposed to really be mde fresh everyday...kaya ang sarap! and it's low in fat compared to ice its a healthier option

try it can order nad ppa deliver ko....great for the holidays =)

Ruy said...

While I'm more for the unhealthy ice cream sunday with lots of choco fudge and nuts, Liv loves gelato and takes it quite seriously. I'm definitely taking her with me when I try it.=)

Tin said...

hi! may I borrow your Angelati Italia pictures for my blog post? Thanks.

Jen Tan said...

hey Ruy...healthy gelato or unhealthy FULL fat ice creams ---they are ALL GGGGGREAT!!! =) hahahaha

Jen Tan said...

hello Tin! =) yes you may borrow my pics =)