Thursday, December 06, 2007

We HAVE WIFI!!!!!!!!!!! =)

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM UBER HAPPY!!!! Ladies and gentlemen...I have WIFI!!! =D

Words cannot express how happy I am! We have bought a router a month ago and finally..I have faced my fears and INSTALLED IT TODAY. Well, actually, I was trying to install it yesterday...and I FAILED MISERABLY...which caused GREAT frustration and sadness for me. I had to rush to the GYM and RUN like there was NO TOMORROW to relieve stress and frustration and load up on ENDORPHINS to lift up my slightly scathed spirit! I sooooooo hate technical problems! Aye! I am NO GOOD with computers, I tell you. This is why I feel like this is a milestone for me =) hahaha Yes...just a few moments ago...I picked myself up and mustered all the courage to try to install my router.....

....sweet success!!!!!!!!!!! =) hahaha


Ruy said...

Comgratulations handywoman! The things we're willing to go through for internet.;p

Jen Tan said...

hahaha thanks ruy!!! yeah, so true...eto lang masasabi ko..pag gusto talagang may paraan! ;Phahahahah