Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Having Our Wurst Meal with Kindred Spirits

It's really nice to have breaks within the work week. I was just so happy the place to unwind was Mickey's! This is becoming a real a resto to regularly visit to have some great food and amazing spirits!

My friend had the Erdinger Stout beer and I had the house Red =)

The Erdinger Stout is dark beer, with a very delicious malty flavor...close to a rootbeer sans being a soda. I loved the Red wine served to me....and naturally I asked what was it I was having....
...and this is it. The taste was not too sweet...perhaps it was a semi-sweet red? I am no expert in this but I just like following what my palate tells me is good =) This one I liked.
There is really so many good things to try at Mickey's....that is why I am still excited to go here, inspite the number of times I have dined in this lovely deli. How can I tire of having artisan breads??? ;P
This time I had my WURST MEAL HERE! hahaha You got it! It's SAUSAGE TIME!!!! Yehey!
This is the 6 pc Pork Sausage

Woodfire grilled pork..err..I forgot the name...served with a choice of potato salad or sauerkraut. We had potato salad =)
We had that with the bread basket...and more wurst please!!!!!!!!! This is the Cheese Sausage
again...I didn't catch the name of this exquite sausage with cheese!!! Yummmm..again with potato salad =)
Excellent sausages....wonderful breads and superb spirits! How's that for a weekday break with a very good friend....along the yuletide season...haaaaaa...just great! =) Thank you!!!!!!!
WE LOVE MICKEY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D


Ruy said...

Me too! I love Mickey's! And to think I still haven't gotten to actually being there!
This is one amazing place indeed.

Anonymous said...

:( u said ull ring me whn u go there

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...punta kanaaaaaaaaaaa...may next agenda ako jan...PORK KNUCKLES ;p HAHAHAHA saka yun steak nya looks huge and goood!!! hehehe

Jen Tan said...

jeeeeeeeeeffffff....=( na-over excite ako nun dadalin ako ng friend ko dun...I forgot again!!!!!!!!! NEXT time..totoo na!!! =D

spanx said...

looks like this is our next stop after SOM's, people...

tapos, we can take a walk on the wild side on nearby P.Burgos,

and if we get hungry again, as i'm sure we will, FILLING STATION for dessert!


Jen Tan said...

hey spanx! we should have gone here in worth the trip talaga! i am sure you guys will just love what they offer food!!! hahahah

Ruy said...

I'll ring you doc! Haven't gone there yet eh...=(