Monday, December 03, 2007

Anyong Ha Se Yo!!!

My Sunday bruch gal pal Sal's shobe Joy took up Mandarin lessons in Shang Hai for a year. She had Korean classmates there and they came here for a vist last week! So being responsible and hospitable Atchies, we took them all out for brunch.

We brought them to Banaple. Joy told us that her Korean friends are more fond of eating rice that bread...and the tapsilog here is great! They were all boys...and I was quite surprised that they adore sweets...cheesecake in Banaple is but a fitting place for them.

We had the seafood chowder soup....tapsilogs and pancakes. The were not so hot about the tapa pala. I think they found it kinda odd =) hehehe But they did like the pancakes and ....cakes ...

Cadbury Chocolate Cheesecake

I found it a bit odd that it had a tad bit salty taste. It was good though...GJ (the owner of Banaple) really make nice cheesecakes =)

Apple Pie

...good with lots of streussle topping

Banofee Pie
Delicious crust and nice ripe bananas...I just don;t like the cream =) Koreans dig this!

We also had snicker cheesecake...caramel cheesecake and so on...hay...sugar over load!!! Well they all enjoyed brunch and they need to really fill up their tanks as they were heading straight to the airport after!

After brunch, Sal and I went to Serendra to buy Krispy Kreme for our Korean guests to bring back to Shang Hai..shopped a bit along Bonifacio High Street and then went to The Intercontinetal Hotel Christams Bazaar!

Let us feel Christmas once more by way of shopping!!! =) My friend Lyn and Gwen had a stall there for their yummy Angelati Itali Gelato. There were lots of great buys!!!! I REALLY FELT THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS!!! =D hahaha

Here is Sal, Moi and Lyn at the Angelati Booth

Sunday perfectly spent! =)


Ruy said...

Ahhh... The spirit of Christmas... I hope it comes over my side of the world soon! As it is, I still feel like it's November. Lot's to do at work pa! Hay, I love the Christmas season pa naman...
Anyway I just find it so funny that you fed the Koreans tapa. I don't know why. I just do. Hahaha!

Ruy said...

I love the title.=)

canDIshhh said...

Aneyong Haseyo!!

Jen! We can double as Koreans! Hahaha..

Jen Tan said...

hey kase we wanted to let them have Pinoy breakfast nga di ata nag-work ;P hehehe

I can't belive you don't feel Christmas yet...mag-shop kayo ni Liv at for sure the spirit will take over you...or your wallets at least ;P hahaha

Jen Tan said...

hey Di! Grabe..pwede nga ata...kun nandun ka..we can make a Korean Telenovela! ;Phahahaha

Miss you DI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruy said...

I have a feeling they would have loved the chicken tocino you had in Ala Diane.=)
Haha, oo sa megamall and greenhills!
The best Christmas seasons of my youth were spent in those two places. Hmmm...

Jen Tan said...

hahaha..the Korean guests stayed at my friend's house in White Plains...kaya mejo out of the way ang Ala Diane...but oo nga baka ma type-an nila yun better than the tapa! hehehe

I asked them (with a translator! hehehe) what they normally have for breakfast..turns out they have similar lunch and and dinner items..but in smaller servings during brekafast =)

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

the cakes looks really sinful! *drools*