Sunday, May 27, 2007

Who's Yo Daddy????

Saturday night was still another rainy evening like Friday! I guess, summer is pretty much over....well, only during night time...during day time, its still SUMMER to me!

My friend Sally fetched me from the gym around 7:30pm. We were supposed to have dinner at Cyma at Shang mall, not only because I love it there and sal hasn't eaten there yet, but for special dietary reasons of our other friend, Kitty! I miss Kat!!! She has been busy the past month...and so we haven't spent time with her for quite a while. That is why I was extra excited for our dinner get together =) We fetched Kat at Glleria and headed to Shang.

I had to pick up the shoes I had resevred at I begged the girls we pass by the shop before dinner. I would like to thank, the friendly salesladies of schu for having my shoes delivered from their galleri brance to shang and reserving them for me! Muchas gracias! =)

Happy having my beautiful shoes....we went to was passed 8pm..the place was JAMMED!!!! We wer number 45 on the wait list!!!!!! My gosh! I don't know if it was because of my shoe stop over that we were thrown at the bottom pile of the list or if it were really, really packed that night! I think it was the latter, becuse when we scouted around the other restos....most were full as well. It must be because of the rin that people opt to eat in mall restos.

We couldn't wait for our 45th slot at Cyma, so we decided to dine at the next resto to accommodate us....luckily Claw daddy had a table for us. "Ma'am do you mind being seated outside?" asked the waiter...."Not at all...kahit pa saa Starbucks kame naka upo basta pakainin nyo kame ok lang !" ;P hahhahhah I replied!

We had the Lobster & Prawn Bisque ....enough for sharing

It was really flavorful with a nice spider web creme touch! hehehhe

This is the Seared Tuna & Calamari Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette, Walnuts and White Cheese
I didn't like this salad in particular. The seared tuna was cold and was weird with the breaded and fried calamari (which was good if it were eaten alone). The dressing lacked flvor and didn't coat the greens well. Kat and I longed for the Roka Salata at Cyma...we could hear the Hooopa from where we were seated =(

Blackened Pacific Cod Dusted with Cajun Sesoning, Charred on an Iron skillet, served on a bed of Dirty Rice!This was a gret dish! The Cod was cooked well, but still soft at succulent! The dirty rice....however they mde it dirty (hehehe) accompanied the mild flavor of the fish! We recommend this dish very much! =)
We also had half a slab of Claw dadd'ys Baby Back Ribs
IIt was really tender, meaty and flavorful! We loved it =)

And to cap our meal....Walnut Pie, we had...double la mode!!!

The serving is really good for sharing! It was really good. The vanilla ice cream buts the sweetness of the pie...that's why we hd it with an extra scoop! hahahah. I just wished they warmed the pie first..that would've made it extra good.
You might be wondering why we had no crabs at CLAW DADDY??? We are not crazy girls you know...just nice ones...for our dear Kat is allergic to crabs unfortunately!!! Next time, I'll try crabs there s I hearded ClawDaddy's is owned by Red crab!!!! 'P


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