Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Girl Power!!!

I found myself back at Power Pla Mall last Sunday. There was an Urban Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent and Gwen asked me to go and comb through it with her! I vowed not to make any purchase because I feel I have a lot of stuff pa from my dad's pasalubongs. Control Jen!!!!!!!! =)

There were lots of great stuff!!!! Hay--temptation island talaga! Dresses, shoes, bags and accessories from a lot of new designers! A lot of hip stuff at resonble to expensive prices! What I liked a lot from the selection was that most pieces were one of a kind. I really like scouring through racks and racks of clothing, where you really have to dig for good finds! =) There were a lot of good finds--I DIDN'T BUY ANY =( Gwen was able to purchase a very nice antique finish necklace----I also found a very nice antique gold charm bracelet that I adored and a charmed locket necklace with a cameo!! I saw something like it that Daphne Osena owned--it was beautiful! A very lovely piece--shucks can you believe----I DID NOT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( What saddness!!!! To find things you cannot have!!!!Whaaaaaaa!! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed looking and trying the stuff on--WINDOW SHOPPING AT IT'S PUREST FORM!!!!!

We had coffee after that, to ease my frustration---coffee is something I always allow myself to purchase! ;P Before we knew it it was moving to dinner time and I have to change my girlfriend date! Gwen met up with her BF and I moved along to meeting my other gal pal..Elaine for dinner.

We had dinner a Kulinarya! I's just my second time here. The first time I vaguely remember what I had (that is something strange)

We had the Gamberi Pasta....
We just shared an order so you are looking at half a serving. I was really good. Ample shrimps and the red sauce was very flavorful =) We loved it! I saw a lot of interesting food on the menu like pizzas, apps and entrees so I will definitely visit here again..with an empty stomach! hehehhe

We moved to UCC for some Tirmisu.....

...and being on a dark chocolate frenzy lately....Lindt 70% cacao chocolate! This Elaine bought at Rustan's while we were looking around the grocery.

This was bitter and had a sour note to it. It has a creamier mouthfeel than tht of the Hershey's Dark I had yesterday. I was bitter and good! I like =) I wana go for teh 80%!!!!! ;P


canDIshhh said...

My friends were part of that Bazaar! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go! :) Yung booth ng friend ko is with Tammy Tan. Did you get to check their stuffs?

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Yes I saw Tammy Tan's stuff!!!! Nice Di...a lot of nice stuff I think marame ICAn's in this bazaar. Sana you went--you would have had fun and perhaps bought lotsa stuff...ako kase under shopping restraint...kakayanin ko DI...ONE MONTH NO SHOPPING!!!!!! Started last far....wala pa ah...except for NECESSITIES AH! ;p