Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Albino Maize

I was off to work extra, extra early today! I left the house for Bicutan around 530am!!!! I had to attend to some work in lieu to our on goin SM sale. I got back to the office around 10 am and had to go to Binondo for a meeting....hence...NO BREAKFAST FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!= ( I hate missing breakfast...I love breakfast=) Around 11 am I was already food...NO COFFEE yet! ahhhhh I was not at my best and traffick was awful---on a SATURDAY???? What's the matter Manila??? attention was caught by a passing kariton of boiled mais! How desperate can I get! hahahe It turned out, the vendor was selling white mais..apart from the usually japanese sweet corn. This made me think of my dad. My dad just adores white mais, foir the fact that it is juicier, sweeter and he declared. I bot 3 for Php 20...not bad. I didnt't finish one because as I was eating my mais..I suddenly thought....san kaya galing yun boiling water nito???? stomach twitched and I put down the half eaten corn I held ;P

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