Saturday, May 19, 2007

At Chelsea....

If I were not sure I am Filipino-Chinese...I may think I am Italian =) hahaha... I love Italian food! From the apps...pasta...pasta...breads..breads...pizzas...entrees and dolci!

Does Chelsea of Serendra refer to a Chelsea---as a feminine name or Chelsea the area in London?? Please someone shed light upon this please! hahaha I presumed that it's Chesea as a name because the menu is really Italian (I believe) having pastas, pizzas, Italian breads! hehehe Anyhoos, I have read a lot of posts on this resto at Serendra, some rants and some raves. It being an Italian resto or not, I dragged my friends (Oli, Kirby, Ven and Elaine) to have dinner there last night and find out how the food really is.

We got there around 7-ish. Oli and I fetched the boys from Greenhills and met up with Elaine at Serendra. Mistake numero uno: WE HAD NO RESERVATION! I think it is good practice to make prior reservations, at much fussed about restos, if you dare visit on a Friday night (more so Saturday) at peak of dinner hours!!! We got on the list and I was informed that we were #2 on the wait list for the big table. Not so bad, we all thought! So we settled at the vacant table outside and patiently waited...enjoyed chit-chatting and watching passers-by ...seeing familiar faces....waited...and waited....

We called on the waiters to ask if group #1 is to bill out any time soon. We were told, group number was still seated out side like us!!!!! BUT! But! ...the waitress conjectured...GROUP #1 decided to STAY OUTSIDE so your group has been moved to NUMBER 1 on the wait list!---"Oh eh ayun naman pala eh!" we all wait...wait...wait..

It was an awfully HOT evening...and waiting al fresco is not a very pleasant activity....good thing...the Chelsea people were kind enough to give us complimentary ICED TEAS.....

...and served us the complimentary bread (well, this one we co-erced them to bring out! hehhehe)the complimentary bread I feel worth noting, because it was served on a nice cutting board with roasted garlic =) That was a nice touch I think. We all loved the roasted garlic with olive oil, which you spread on the foccacia!

That got our minds of the heat and the waiting....but not for long. Oli signaled to the waitress..."miss number one pa din kame ah! =) " hehehehe "Yes sir, you're still number one...and still on the wait list..." Hayayay!!!!

We finally came to a consensus that we will settle outside to eat because the free bread and iced tea couldn't hold our hungry much longer! So we placed out orders.

Elaine and I opted for this....

Roasted Portobello Mushrooms, Marinated Artichokes, Roasted Asparagus with Tomato Confit Pizza. (Php 295)

It was served while we were still at the al fresco table, but then we were informed that FINALLY, we have a table inside. So we waited for the transfer and by the time we got moved in...I think our pizza turned cold =( we asked them to warm it up for us while waiting for the food of the boys...
With all the lovely description of our pizza topping, I was expecting a burst of flavor upon taking my first bite. Alas! I found it a bit flat on taste, sad to say. I liked the ultra thin crust though...I'm pretty sure if we had it piping would have been very crisp and delectable. I think the cheese is too konti and it needed a little umph to it. It was ok...we managed to finish the entire 10" thing. Maybe we picked the wrong kind of pizza?

Kirby had the Slow Cooked Norwegian Salmon with Salsa Verde, Classic Mashed Potato and Roasted Pine nuts
It was cooked nicely and tasted well according to him =) Priced at Php 350.00 not a bad deal!

Oli had the Herb Walnut-Encrusted Chilean Sea bass with Rosemary-Orange Beurre Blanc and MARshed Potatoes (MARSHED talaga ang nakalagay sa menu---hahaha) and Asparagus (Php 459.00)
He said it was really good. The Fish was soft and close to the melt in your mouth feel. He just felt the herb crust was a bit over powering.

Ven had Grandma's Crispy Duck Confit & Mushroom Risotto with Peppercorn Sauce and Roasted Organic Vegetables (Php 395.00)

The only set back of this dish for Ven was----the ROASTED ORGANIC VEGETABLES! hahaha Ven, FYI HATES VEGETABLES!!! ;P His reason? ---a mystery to us all!!! So he traded his veggies for Oli's MARSHED taters! hahaha They were both happy with the deal! Ven ate his duck quietly and he seemed satisfied with it---were you Ven? =D
Well, the Chelsea experience was not bad...when you're with good company, everything is tolerable and enjoyable, I believe so! =) Not bad..but not good. Maybe they should improve more on the service and perhaps when I get the chance to dine here again I'll try a different Pizza or have the pasta, which was pretty good-looking at the other table! Is the grass just greener at the other side of the fence or should I say table? ;p hahahah
Will I come back to dine at Chelsea? ----Why not? =) Everybody, anything deserves a second chance!!! Ohh and I forgot---go back to try the desserts!

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