Friday, May 25, 2007

Back at CBK... =)

I really enjoyed my first visit at the CookBook Kitchen. Last friday, I was back!!! =)I had dinner there with my friends Eliane, Gwen and Kirby!

This time, I tried something new...this is th Chicken with Pazzaioli (I'm not sure if that is the correct name of the Pizza sauce like sauce! hehehehe )

It was really good. I liked the sauce that went with it.

They all had the Parmesan Crusted Fish, the house specialty.

At first, they all said..."ang laki naman...dapat we shared lang"....but everyone was able to finish up there invidual dishes!!!.....Parang bitin p nga sa rice!!!! hahahhha =D

We told kirby...."sana you ordered pork para maiba naman..." Kirby replied..."Ayaw ko ng pork eh...madme fats"...then he called the waitress and ordered..." ...ah isa nga ROOTBEER FLOAT!!" ;Phahahahhaahha

Here is Kirby, with a devilish-look on his Float! hahahaha

and finally....THE SCARLET CAKE! I've been so intrigued by it, because I wasn't able to try it last time.

It was indeed something different. It was like a denser sponge cake with yummy cream cheese frosting! Us girls loved it!!! We appreciated the huge serving portion as well! Sulit for Php 120.00 a slice!

We had sooo much fun there, in spite of the rainy Friday evening traffic! We enjoyed the food, the simple cozy ambiance, the crowd and each other's company of course! =)

I just love fun and friendly places shared with good friends=)

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