Sunday, May 06, 2007

Green Tomato

Oli and decided to have dinner at Green Tomato. Why? Sometimes when you're hungry and confused yoiu make rash decision! ;P

Oli had the Penne Alioli
He declared that it was good, although the serving was bit small.

I had the Shrimp & Feta Pasta. I chose this because I like Shrimps, love cheese (like Feta) and into red sauces. It was ok but a bit on the soupy side for me. I found the pasta a tad bit over al dente too. It's kinda strange to eat pasta from a BOWL. I don't know if its just me...but the Italian feel of eating pasta is lost by serving pasta in deep soup bowls. It's like you're eating MAMI in a chinese noodle house! hehehehe

Ven and War arrived after we have finished our pasta in bowls! Ven had the roasted chicken with this gravy like sauce served with potato salad and a wedge of foccacia.
I asked Ven how his food was...he looked at me and the boys answered.."well its's hard to go wrong with chicken!" hehehe I take it there is nothing special with this dish.

Warren, my poor Warren, disliked his food sad to say. Take a look at that eggplant lasagna! It really looks itcky to me! I showed this picture to my shobe and she said..."what is that? looks like kanin-ba--..." I will not go on! hahahah

I think presentation has a lot to do with the whole perception of taste and eating pleasure. I guess Green Tomato needs to work on plating! hahahaha

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