Saturday, May 05, 2007

Forgetful Jen!

I had my first fitting for my friend, Shawie's wedding on the first of July. I am the bridesmaid....yeah, yeah...always the bridesmaid..never the...hahaha ;P Our couture is none other than Ms. Debbie Co. Although my gown was still 3/4 done...I love it already! Shawie made me pick the design. She was showedme this picture of an oscar gown worn by Rachel Weisz, and without hesitation I said this is what I want =) The first fitting of the gown and it felty and looked so right..I can't wait to see it finished!

After that I went to Podium and met up with my friend Ling for dinner at Cafe Med.

Weird as it may sound, it's my first time to have their baba ganoush! I know..I's just because I always seem to have hummus as appetizer the times I've been there.

The baba strangely white? Please correct me if I am wrong but should it not be greenish?---because of the eggplant??? In any case, it was still rather good and we mopped it all off with 2 pita breads =)
We bith had the usual chicken gyros...simple shawarma goodness. I like chicken =)

After dinner, we had crepes at our Cafe Breton...the usual La pinay and Cafe Au Lait---the no fail, dessert combination!

We got carried away with out chit chat that I almost forgot I had to meet up with my highschool barakada! Yikes, talk about being forgetful! tsk tsk... By the time I realized it, I already saw them at the adjacent Starbucks. We joined them and caught up with the conversation..until I got a call from my friend Kirby! I forgot also that we were supposed to meet up with our other friends. Ling and I dropped by at Marina, Annapolis to hang with the boys for a while.

I should really start taking memory enhancers! hahhaha Nevertheless, it was a fun evening meeting up with good friends =)

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