Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spanish Breakfast Rendezvous

I love mornings!=) Even if I sleep late, I am the kind of person who can be up and about 5am or however early necessary! I am a true blue morning person! Except ofcourse if I am not feeling well.

It's been a while since I had breakfast with my friend. We used to do that a lot because of his unusual schedule and my unusual waking habits! I remember the times when we combed through tomas morato look for a breakfast place open at 6 or 630 am and couldn't find any until we reach greenhills to find most restos open at 7 or we go back to morato and by that time the restos are open! hahaha--crazy!!!

Last night Mik called me up to asked me if I'd want to meet up for breakfast today. Pefect timing becaus I had some work to do very, very early in the morning at Mall of Asia. We met up at Dulcinea at Theatremall around 830 am! We used to frequent Dulcinea because we love their breakfast there!

This is Mike's favorite ....The Morcillo Con Arroz....

They are spanish blood sausages ( which gives it the black color) in fried rice!. There are some sliced pieces and some chopped pieces of the sausages. Really good but very fatty! hahaha

An how the Spanish do love fat for breakfast...I chose the Huevos al Plato (?) I forgot the actualy name (sorry for that!)
It's Spanish chorizzo sliced cooked with tomatoes, bell peppers and topped with an egg fried sunny side up!

a closer look....
It is served with pan de sal with butter. Fat on fat---but good and filling! This will definitely get you through your day---through lunch----passed lunch! hahaah
I just found out today that they no longer give free coffee with the breakfast =( I was looking forward to cup over cup over cup of their coffee (though their brew is nothing great...but flowing coffee is flowing coffee...hehehe)

Thank you for breakfast! It's really a great way to start the day..good meal with a good friend =)

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