Sunday, May 13, 2007

Welcome Home Daddy!!!!! =)

My dad is finlly back from his looooong vacation in the US =) WELCOME HOME DADDY!!! We missed you so!!!!

He arrived at noon time, when it was scorching HOT!!!!! Nevertheless....we are all gald that he had a pleasant trip back and he started pouring our stories as soon as we were all in the car! =)

My daddy dearest got me my.......BURBERRY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first thing he handed to me as soon as we saw eachother...well actually he told me that it was the last thing he bought, because it was not available in the US malls so he bought it in Taipei. I love it!!!!! It smells sooo fresh and burberry!!! hhahahaah Thank you dad!

Apart from that, he got me a new espresso machine! My old one (his pasalubong from his prior trip to the US) got busted already and so I am really thankful for the replacement!hahaha I shall post the picture when I do the test run!

I love dark chocolates...and luckily my dad brought home lots of it this time around. My sisters are more of the milk chocolate sabe ko ---AKIN LAHAT NG MAY DARK sa label! hahaha

Here is a pack of 60% dark chocolate Ghirardelli chocolates.... I think there are 70-80% cacao available..but this will do! =P Here is something interesting among the chocolates he brought home...Hersheys dark chocolates...but these are special...they have bits of blueberries and almonds! =) I love berries and dark chocolate and nuts!!!!!!

These babies are packed with anti-oxidants from the chocolate and berries!!! Good for you! bad for the hips! CONSUME MODERATELY!!! =D
I vow not to touch the other chocolates---leave them to my sisters ....for my own sake! hahaha

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♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

love ghirardeli and hersheys (dark & miniatures) =)