Friday, May 25, 2007

Have a Taste of L.A.

Along Roces venue, has long been standing, a restaurant called Taste of L.A. I think I've been seeing it's blue neon lights forever.

Last time I was there, I think it was last year, with Didi and friends =) The place is like an old house, with wooden floors and adorned always with fresh roses =) The feel is very cozy and you can say that its kinda of a simple date place.

I had dinner their last night with my friend Cha. We wanted a quiet place to talk about her wedding updates where the food is good.

Pasta ala Checa
We shared an order of this pasta. As you can see, the portion size is NOT meant for sharing ;P Nevertheless, it was really good. It's simplicity makes its appealing to me. It's just pasta cooked al dente with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, parmesan and kesong puti!

Ultra Thin Tomato and Cheese Pizza
They charge an additional 30 bucks for Ultra Thin Crust Pizzas---di ba dapat nga may discount 'coz less dough?? ;P hehehehe It was soooo good and lived upto its being ULTRA THIN! The crust was so light and crispy!! I love thin crusts! It was cheesy and good....but I must warn hungry people, this is a VERY LIGHT PIZZA!!!! The paper thin crust will not be able to fill you up---or baka we were just two girlss with huge appetites??? Nah-!--Ultra thin talaga kaya very light.

The pizzas there are great primarily because of the rustic stone oven they use ....also for baking their pan de sal! Their pan de sal is so good there, but they don't give free pan de sal as starters, like durting my last time there.

The Pugon Oven

The dessert selection did quite appeal to us, so we moved to our old and reliable breton =)

Le Delice

Bananas, Nutella and slivered almonds' crepe...topped with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. How can you not like that?????? We had it with good cafe.... a very nice night cap on a drizzly summer evening.

=) See you again soon Cha! It was a lovely get together.

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