Friday, June 01, 2007

Kiddie Party at TSOKNUT BTIROL

Last night, I attended a kiddie party, with my friend Mark and his Wife Gwen. The party was the 7th birthday of the daughter of an old friend of ours from Rotaract days. It was held at the Red Barn, across Tiendesitas. I've been in Tiendesitas several times, and I never noticed this huge kiddie play-land like structure...untill last night.

The kids had their play time the play area..and for late snack/dinner, we all proceeded to TSOKNUT BATIROL.

It's my first time to try this place as well. I think I've seen an outlet of this chocolate shop at SM malls. Their specialty, is without doubt...HOT TSKOLATE BATIROL. My very much pregnant friend Gwen, had the itlog maalat-kesong puti bibingka with Tsokolate batirol meal.
This is the bibinka....we aw the itlog maalat but the kesong puti was no where in-sight! hahahaha
Nevertheless, it was good n din and served very hot! That is the secret to its edibility! hahahaha

This was the Tsokolate Ah...they told me it was good but because of the chocolate grits =) It was think and good as declared by all those who had them.
Apparently, I didn't have hot chocolate because I was more drawn to the KAPENG BARAKO!! hehehe My meal went with 4 slices of raisin bread. Good for sharing! =) The raisin bread was ok.
Our friend Joanne, told us that the ensaymada here was fabulous! S we told her to order it so that we can all try.
It was served hot! The ensaymada was very soft and buttery! It was good....not sweet at all but a bit too dense for me.

The selection of food was very interesting actually. They had rice meals, pasta, filled pan de sal and an assortment of Filipino food and snacks. I think I'll go back here to try their food. I didn't eat much because we were to have dinner at Cibo in Power Plant later that evening.

It was really nice watching the kids play and have fun =)

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