Thursday, May 03, 2007

Reason Enough to Wake Up in the Morning....

If there is one thing I really can't live without...its COFFEE I think. Really...I am really convinced that it is so! I really have a difficult time functioning throughout the day without my daily dose of caffeine. Am I an addict?--perhaps =)

Today is the first day I start using the Trung Nguyen Coffee, given by my friend Gwen=). Can you believe I went to the office really early for this! I normally have my breakfast in the office because ....well just because =) Anyways, I got here around 730am--that's why I am blogging about it now. I just want to share my excitement! hahahaha ;P

As I opened the that aroma!!!!!!!!! There's really something different about authentic Vietnamese grinds. It has this peculiar aroma and tatste that I don't find in any of the usual coffee grinds. I just can't describe it---like ah...dark chocolate and coffee? I remember in Vietnam, they serve their coffee in double espresso-shot quantities and served with sweet milk (a.k.a. condensed milk). They take there coffee at all times of the day, hot or cold in any type of weather. I love it!

There is NO sour tone to the Vietnamese brew. There are some coffee that leans towards the acidic side---that I don't appreciate so much.

Here it coffee...=) Yes, I put cream and sugar. I take my coffee in all possible with sugar....with cream and sugar (brown sugar)...with cream no sugar.

The perfect pick me up!

Here is my breakfast...this is what I normally have, my coffee, whole wheat toast with cinnamon and butter! I love butter---but butter is bad---so I recently purchased this Land O lakes WHIPPED butter! hehehe 50% less fat and calories than normal butter...but with the full butter taste and experience! ;P

I like putting cinnamon on my toast to give it that extra something, something =) Cinnamon is good of us you know. It is a spice and medicine as well! It helps regulate blood sugar, it has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and it even improves brain activity! =) Just a little trivia tid bit... to start the day.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!!! =)

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