Monday, May 07, 2007

Eating Chicken and Sitting on Eggs

Sunday is always relaxing =) I met up with my friend Gwen at Power Plant to shoe shop and of course hear her stories from her recent trip to Vietnam. I need to buy shoes! I need bronze/ matte gold formal stilletos! I saw a perfect Unisa pair at CMG...but it wasn;t my size!!!!!!!! I am a size 5! The shoes was onlyu available in 6 1/2!!!!!!!! Awwwww----I was crushed! I loved the look and the was comfy but..hayayay it was not meant for me =( Good thing Gwen was there to easy my pain! hehehe We hanged out at Starbucks and went to eat Gelato at Pazzo. We bumped into our friend Sherly and her fiance and chatted along while enjoying our gelato =) Yummm!

We parted ways early evening because we both have to have dinner with our families. My two shobes were home so I fetched them so we could have dinner together.

We decided to try World of Chicken! I have eaten at World of Chicken in G4 foodcourt....a long..long...long time ago! Back where I was working for another company I think! So we gave it a go for our laid back Sunday dinner.

The place was small and casual. You sit on egg-shaped chairs, which my shobe Nikki liked a lot! The menu was very kid friendly and good for people who don't want to fuss.

I had the grilled chicken with asian noodles and potato salad. The grilled chicken was surprisingly good! Very juicy and you get to choose your sauce. I had the brown gravy! The noodles was fetuccine with soy sauce and bell peppers. It's nice. I thought it would be something like the kungpao pasta of CPK.

My sis Nikki had the grilled chicken with potato salad and cheese muffin. The muffin was severly dry sad to say....

And lastly, my sis Che had her chicken on a side of ..yes..potato salad still and tuna carbonara. I think she liked it becaise she mopped it all off! hahaha

The food was ok and cheap! If you're hungry and wana fill up fast--World of chicken isn't a bad deal! =)


♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

i have yet to try the asian noodles at world chicken. my usual order whenever we'd go there when i was still in college was macaroni salad, tuna fettuccine and chicken :)

Jen Tan said...

ok ba macaroni salad? tagal ko na di bumalik here! hahaha

thanks for dropping by pink!