Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sweet Tomato at St. Luke's: THE NIGHT I BECAME AN AUNTIE =)

Yes I am officially AUNTIE JEN =) Wohoo!!!! My family and I have anticipated with much excitement, the arrival of my shobe's first born....August 28, 2008...he is finally here!!!! HORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY....and welcome to the family BABY JERMAINE BRYANT TAN TIO!!!!!!!! =D

A handsome and healthy baby boy !!!

Well, anticipating and waiting can work up an friend and I caught up with my sisters and my good doctor friend Elpo at the hospital and as per Elpo's recommendation, we had snacks at THE SWEET TOMATO GRILL, located at the ground floor of St. Luke's Medical center, main building.

Mixed with Tinapa flakes, dices fresh tomatoes and salted egg! A real meal on it's own and sooo good =)

They have fresh fruit shakes....

and desserts....this is the molten chocolate cake ala mode!
Not bad at all...a bit too sweet but hey....good enough to keep us waiting patiently=)

I heard that the bibinka here is great too!
Congratulations to my sis and her hubby for their new baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!! =) A real blessing indeed.


Manggy said...

Congratulations!! I dunno, somehow kulang pa rin ng ulam yung tinapa rice ;) Tocino perhaps? :P

ChichaJo said...

Congratulations!!! What an exciting moment! :)

Jen Tan said...

Hey Manggy! Thanks =) hahaha parang PWEDE RIN NA SAMAHAN NG TOCINO!!!! may next time I'll oder a "side dish" of that! hahahaha

Jen Tan said...

HEY JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!! THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS =) yes...very exciting times indeed!