Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

I frequent Baang coffee and Kozui, quite a bit and so it is just but inevitable for me to miss this new coffeeshop, situated adjacent Kozui...Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee =)

I have went in and out of this place a couple of times before actually dining there, just to snoop around and check out their goodies. As I found out, this is owned by KoCo Cafe or KoCo Co? bakeshop is it? I am not sure exactly...but I know it is that bakeshop located behind Taza Cafe in Ma. Clara street, Banawe area.

Anyhooos...finally had the chance to try this place....actually thus post is two visits worth...one with my dear friend Shawie and the 2nd visit with another friend (as per my suggestion)

Here is what we have had here....

My Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich

This is the first thing I tried here and I kinda liked it (that is why I went for a second go!) It had thin slices of breaded and deep fried eggplant slices with cucumbers and tomatoes in between Ciabatta bread. Served with a siding of french fries. I found it yummy =) plus, if you add 45 bucks it will come with a cup of brewed coffee....pairings with coffee...ALWAYS a good idea for me =)

On my second trip here I shared the Club House Sandwich with my friend...
....a HUGE one at that! A triple decker...ham...scrambled eggs...tuna...and some other mayo-ey stuff inbetween whole wheat bread...served with fries, cucumber and tomatoes. Yummmy! I guess they make pretty nice sandwiches here =)

We also had the Chicken Parmigiana on Pasta

Now, this one...err...was not so nice.... The chicken atop had a floury coating and the part we liked least was the pasta underneath...which tasted like it was just doused with tomato sauce out of the pack...sorry...but it really did taste that way =(

I do like the interiors of the place...and the staff are very nice and polite =)

They serve an array of cakes, breads and pastries...

The brew here is decent =)
They have a selection of teas as well

We my friend Shawie had this Mango Torte
It reminded me of the infamous Mango Bravo of Contis.

I got to try the Decadent Chocolate Cake 9with an over-exposed pic...please pardon that)
Nice and chocolatey. It was moist and good =)

They gave us this to try for free...perhaps a new pcoduct coming up? It was Coffee Bun =)
Not bad...though they flattened it out with killed the thrill of eating it as a "bun" hehehe It was free...it was nice..thank you =)

They have rice meals and other pasta dishes here too.


Manggy said...

Haha, para ngang ang putla ng chicken sa parmigiana. Oh well, it can't be all winners ;) The cakes look nice. Mukhang pinaghirapan :)

Ruy said...

Wow, nice pics Jen! I've passed this place a number of times. Thanks to this review I might finally check it out next time I feel like a sandwich.=)

Jen Tan said...

hey Manggy! oo nga...kinda under fried the chicken and the sauce was not nice...the cakes are decent naman =)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! thanks =) nag iimprove na ba ang picture taking skills ko? hahaha sanaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;P

yeah do try it....you guys might like the cakes too

oo nga pala Banaple is gona put up a branch sa Morato....sa new building na tinatayo in front of Burgoo...yey! something to look forward to! Jack's loft is gona be there and Omakase will move there too! woohooo!!!!!!!!!

Ruy said...

Wow, kita kita sa new building!=)

Jen Tan said...

yes ruy! see yah there! ;P hahahaha