Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Azul, SM Mall of Asia

There are indeed lots of dining options at SM Mall of Asia. However, everytime I find myself there....I coundn't come up with a resto recommendation...why o why??? Perhaps, I always seem to be wearing the WRONG type of shoes! hahaha Hayayay! Yes, I have placed a mental note in my head....JEN...WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO A PLACE WHERE YOU KNOW THERE WILL BE A LOT OF WALKING...WEAR YOUR HAVAIANAS!!!! or at least something uber comfy walking around with!!! My mind gets pre-occupied with the pain my feet, hence, my foodie mind cannot recall noted restos to try, on rare trips like this! Sayang right? Yeah, I live freakin' far from MOA, so I should always carry my Manila/MOA resto list so that I'll be able to grab the oppurtunity to hunt them down and dine when I am there ;P hahahaha

Well, with feet hurting and all, we chose this Spanish-Filipino Resto called AZUL.

Located at the South with of SM MOA,, at the second floor...over looking the Bay side, where I noticed a new strip of restos lined up....SAN MIGUEL BY THE BAY is open and holds a long line of bars, restos, dampa-like themed "paluto" and caoffy shops!!!! Oh my! I got so excited by the sight of ot all! I really, really wanted to cross over..but my aching feet told me to stay where I am at =( sigh.....

The menu of Azul, was interesting enough...they have house red wine for Php 95.00/glass

Not bad for the price. It was a very light bodied red. Served chilled.
French Onion Soup opaque broth underneath bread with melted mozzarella. Quite disappointing as it lacked flavor and the onions were not kinda undercooked...un-caramelized...should onions in french onion soup be caramelized? hmmm I am not sure as I have never cooked this type or soup before...nevertheless, the broth lacked any distinctive onion flavor. I'll pass up this one, if I were you =)

Croquetas with Gorgonzola and Ham
I remembered loving the croquetas at Gaudi...and I love my sister Che's Tuna Croquetas! This sounded really good by its name...alas...I could only taste mashed taters, breaded and fried. Dip in the mayo for richness...but where was the ham??? where was the GORGONZOLA??? =(

I thought we would be safe with fried was bready...but ok...but just ok...maybe because we were hungry.
Perhaps we picked the wrong dishes? The interiors of Azul was very nice though...and I loved the view at the al fresco area.

My experience made me wish I was at the San Miguel by the bay....if only I had comfy shoes =(


Manggy said...

Oh noes, it looks like the chef duped you guys. Certainly no reason to serve an opaque non-oniony french onion soup!

Jen Tan said...

Again...I couldn't agree with you more

dyosa said...

another resto to avoid. sorry to hear about your not-so-good dining experience but thanks for sharing. :-)

Jen Tan said...

hey dyosa! yah..not so good but not naman totally appalling

thanks for dropping by =)