Friday, September 05, 2008

Chef's Bistro

Along the sidestreet of Tomas Morato... of which corner, stands Citisavings Bank...stands Chef's Bistro! Opened around July this year, the resto is quiant and semi-casual, with an interesting guormet-ish menu.

Complimentary Cheddar-Chili Bread
When it was served to us...I was looking for butter...but as I bit into the was tasty on it's own...salty and a tad bit spicy. Nice =)

Fish Fillets with Pommes Frites
Oh...kinda of a disappointing, sad to say. The fish was thickly battered and bready and not crispy. The potato wedges were oily...not crisp and kinda on the under-cooked to raw =(

Pizza Filipino
Not sure if I got the name right...but it's the house rendition of a Pinoy Pizza. The crust was interesting and enjoyable because its not your typical pizza crust. This one is redolent of a papadam. Thin to almost cracker like and had peculiar flavors of perhaps lentils and spices. It was topped with cheese (perhaps the quickmelt kind?), kesong puti, slices of sweet longanisa and hard boiled egg slices! Yeah...hard boiled egg slices? Would have been better with salted egg? or just an egg placed on top...sunny side up and then let cooked as the pizza bakes? hahahaha It was ok...different...but not totally appalling. I guess as we ate away...bite after bite trying to understand the flavors...we managed to enjoy and appreciate this unique creation. It's always nice to eat with a bit of a thrill! hahahaha

See a slice up close....
The menu includes around 3 or 4 pizza varieties, pastas, entrees...starters and salad. We wanted the salmnon carpaccio, but it was unavailable that day. Their dessert menu offer basically a variety of crepes.
An interesting dining experience. Nice service here =)


Manggy said...

hahahaha It was ok...different...but not totally appalling.
I was kind of taken aback by this comment, hahaha! Did you really mean appalling or appealing? "Oh it's okay, your food was not TOTALLY appalling! Medyo lang!" Hee hee hee.

It's a shame about the pommes frites. I think some cooks think people are impressed by fluffy breading, but I think it is more elegant to present a thinly breaded fish but with plenty of meat.

Jen Tan said...

hahahaha appalling--appealing?--tomato--tomatoe...let's call the whole thing off! hahaha well you do the math...

how could we be impressed by fluffy breading which hides the flesh that we are paying for? hahaha

maybe we just ordered the wrong thing....pwede pa bigyan ng second chance