Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Re-visiting Jo

I think is a time of going retro, as I often find myself back in restaurants past! hehehe Yep...a trip back to Jo's Inato this time. This is just my second time to dine here, located along Visayas Avenue...almost at the interesection conjoining Congressional ave.

Here is there famous Chicken INATO

I am happy now that I have better pics for my second Jo's post =) Yummy Pecho...like a cross of Inasal and barbeque. I loved anything grilled =) We had it served with garlic rice...

Bicol Express
Pork cooked in coconut cream with bagoong and sili!!! Hot! Hot! but not HOT-HOT-HOT! I guess the gata makes the heat of this dish manageable for my weak palate.

A scarry thing my friend pointed out to me ....which I wish I was never made aware of, because this might/will inhibitme from going back to this place....they have roosters in a display glass case----several of them----ALIVE!!!!!!!!! =(


Manggy said...

I wonder what the inasal-barbecue hybrid. I'm fine with eating chickens, but keeping roosters in captivity for no apparent reason is just stupid.

Jen Tan said...

yeah I couldm't agree with you more! they use live roosters for aethetic purposes??? geeeeeez