Friday, August 15, 2008

Pizzeria A Veneto

I have known Pizzeria A Veneto from way back college days. It's first branch, if I am am correct....well at least it is the first branch I have dined in, is located along Visayas Avenue. I heard that the owners were from UP also...and I also remeber liking it there for the food and value for the buck! =)
What do you know, they have a branch at the 2nd level of Trinoma too!
We chose the Chicken Pesto Pasta
A generous serving of Pesto pasta on top of which rests thin, breaded strips of fried chicken breasts with a siding of garlic roll. Simple and yummy! =)

We wanted pizza too...and had the flavors split into two! I like that they let us do that =) On the left is the Puttanesca and the other half the New Yorker Pizza
The crust was nice and bordering medium to thin. When we saw the Putanesca...we go "ay walang chesse?" and I thought well, we can just sprinkle on some parmesan cheese! But, when we dug our teeth into the pizza...behold...mozzarella hidden underneath the tomatoey sauce! My friend liked it...but I think I needed to eat it with more bread because I am a minimalist when it comes to saucing! ;P hahahaha (saucing!) The other half was very good had onions, bell peppers, salami, olives etc....oh and mozzarella ofcourse! Well we just love pizza and pasta! Carbs rule!!!!!!!!!! hahaha Don't forget to work out tomorrow!!! =D
Still good here and you still get value for the buck!


Manggy said...

I didn't know they had a branch there! I've gotta try it out with my friends-- memories of college! :P

Jen Tan said...

yah me too..untill we bumped into it while looking for a place to eat..yeah go back here =)