Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pancake House

I remember frequenting Pancake House in Virramall, Greenhills when I was in highschool and was my mom and sister's fave after-shopping dining place...because each of us has our own fave there. My atchi and shobe love the hamburger steak and mom used to love the hot roast chicken (I miss my mom =( )and I love the waffles and spaghetti. I am not sure if the branch in Virra still stands....but this visit was at a branch along Congressional avenue, beside National bookstore, just across Cherry Foodarama.

It's been a while since I have dined at Pancake House. Naturally I chose the Spag!

I am glad it still tastes the same! There is a peculiar taste in their spaghetti sauce...I dunno...I detect RENO liver spread in the sauce! hahaha ;P Yeah I have always thought so...weird but I but I don't there is anyother spag sauce that tastes like this. We likey! Served with garlic toasts!

This was new on the menu....something light since we weren't particularly hungry this time...FLT= Fish with Lettuce and Tomatoes...on wheat.

We thought it would be made with somesort of grilled or fried fish fillet....but when we peeked inbetween the bread and ate our halves....sardines it was! Spanish style. It was good too...nice and light =)

They have added and changed the menu quite a bit...they have a variety of pastas and salads now....and good to see the good ol' pancakes, waffles, tacos and set menus are still there =)


Manggy said...

Aw, it's comforting when some things stay the same... Though the branch at Virra Mall is no more. (I thought the branch was at the basement of Shoppesville, adjacent to the Theater Mall? Am I right?) The Greenhills branch is now located away from the center, accessible through a side entrance that leads to the parking lot behind Krispy Kreme.

Love their spaghetti, pan chicken, and tacos!

Jen Tan said...

ay yah!!! sa may dencios na pala outside the parking yun pancake house in ghlls....and you are shoppesville nga yun old branch sa basement. Thank you thank mi mix up na ang greenhills locationary memory ko! hahaha and dame na kase changes eh...

thanks Manggy =)

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...

i like the spaghetti and choco chip pancakes! sandwiches are good too.. for rice meals, i like the adobo sulipan..

but i noticed, they have smaller servings now. cost-cutting maybe?

Ruy said...

Hi Jen! Love the spaghetti and tacos! Reno is a good guess for the secret ingredient, I agree.=) BTW, Liv grew up thereabouts and has many fond memories of that branch as well.
We used to eat there when we were still dating so that I can be associated with the warm memories she has of the place. Kind of like a halo effect. LOL. She loves the orange freeze.=)

Jen Tan said...

hello my pink cookies! yummy choco chip pancakes...I like the choco marble with peanut butter too!!!! yeah kinda lumiit nga ang servings...perhaps instead of bringing up the prices they reduced the servings? well...too keep our waistlines na din? hahahaha

ah yah the rice meals are good too...ako naman the tapsilog!

thanks for dropping by =)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! long time no hear!!! how are you guys doin? ah talaga? liv grew up in Congressional area? cool! dame restos to eat in in that area ah..

I haven't tried the orange freeze...will do next time I find myself back there =)

regards to the family ruy!!!

Ruy said...

Actually I meant the Virramall Pancake House you used to frequent when you were younger too. =)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy...ay ganun ba? hahaah yes pancake house in virra pala =)