Saturday, August 09, 2008

Baby's Got Back!

All that moseying and tasting food makes you want to gave more food....REAL FOOD for that matter! Since I had a not so good resto picking experience in my prior MOA was great we picked the Fort area to satiate or hunger =)

I find myself back at New Orleans...located at Binifacio High Street, adjacent Clawbaddy's...

Complimentary Garlic Bread...

There Nachos was very good! It was bad arse NACHOS!!! Gererously ladened with chucks of grilled chicken, olives, mango cubes, mayo or was it sour cream (?), cheese sauce and more grated cheese! The nacho chips even came in 3, pink (yeah pink?hehehe) and the traditional yellow corn hue...pretty funky ei! It was kinda overwhelming to look at at eat but with our tanks empty we really appreciated the hefty serving!

Original New Orleans Ribs

This is just the half slab order, served with dirty rice. We were initially served the full slab but after that huge platter of loaded Nachos we asked if we can just have just half a slab...good thing they obliged because the whole slab was like good for four people! The ribs were tender and the sauce was delicious! The dirty rice went very well with the flavorful was spicy but not overpowering in taste, so even with saucy-licious ribs, the dirty rice was nice =)
Loved our meal! =)


Manggy said...

Hey, I thought you were gonna post prices-- then we'd see na uber mahal ang New Orleans hahaha :) But the food does look extremely good!

Jen Tan said...

hahahah oo nga...shucks I always forget totake note of the prices pero the nachos parang mga 190.00 lng ah ribs ata mga less than 400....not really uber mahal coz the servings are good to share =)