Monday, August 04, 2008

Got Kissed!

Yup, it's been a while....since my last vist to one of my favorite cafes during college days...The Chocolate Kiss Cafe =)

They have delicious apertizers, sandwiches, pastas, entrees, breakfast items and yummy cakes to boot! I's nice to be back.

Pigs In a Blanket

Sausage slices, embraced by it's sister bacon, served with a mayobased dip. Let's PIG out!=D


Looking at the menu ...we go..."ooh Callos!" My friend loves tripe! So we got this and ordered the Fish ala Kiev. We shared this dish first and enjoyed it very much. It was fairly good callos...but we wished for more tripe pieces =) It had chick peas, "buntot ng baka" too. Yummy with steamed rice. We were almost through and wondered where our Fish ala Kiev was...our nice waiter politely told us they ran out of Fish we just opted for its traditional Chicken version. Sad to we waited...we kinda lost or eating groove..and just had our order cancelled.

We just opted for desserts and picked the Kiss Suite...a Trio of Kahlua, Prune and Carrot cake =)

A nice way to get to try several cakes in one sitting.

Still good here after all these years. This is located along Roces avenue, across KFC and the original branch is at UP Diliman Bahay ng Alumni =)


Manggy said...

Would you believe I've only eaten at the one a few paces from my home only once or twice? Ha ha ha. May pagkain kasi sa bahay :)

Sorry to hear about the screw-up. I tried to eat callos once but the fatty texture is really not to my liking.

Jen Tan said... you live nearby pala...sabagay and sarap ng mga niluluto mo so why eat out pa? baka pwede kumain sa house nyo nalang? bwahahaha kidding!

yah unfortunate but forgiveable srew-up....the servers there are very nice naman talaga

you don't like callos? oh...not a fave of mine but I do enjoy eating it naman =)