Friday, August 01, 2008

Mikey's Hindi MiCKey'S Deli ah =P

We were looking for a place to eat in Roxas boulevard. Everytime we go to seems we are always blessed with RAIN! hahaha We spotted this resto within the complex where King One Hot pot is situated. Mikey's Bar and Grill/Spanish Cuisine.

Somebody told me that this resto is owned by Mikey true? I don't know =) We tried it anyway....
Free Garlic Peanuts
They were big nuts =)

Tortang Talong
Simple as it may...I really like Eggplant Omelet. Butterflied eggplant witn ground pork.

Grilled Squid, stuffed with tomatoes and onions

Fried Rice with Chopped Chorizo

Now what can I say about the food was generally ok...but the kind where you will have NO intesion of going back to...and the price is not that cheap ah. Surprisingly there were a number of customers there...perhaps the Spanish food is better than the Filipino menu here. The place is big, with a see through kitchen with several chefs who were very busy cooking.
Mental note: on a next trip to Manila...I should think up a resto to hunt to make the trip worth while =) Any suggestions ???


Manggy said...

You should be hunting for the best dampa in Manila ;) There's an awesome Chinese resto on Roxas Blvd. I forgot the name!!!

Jen Tan said...

yah...pero we actually thought of that..but were lazy to do the "palengke" part hehehe

are you referring to Emerald Garden?