Saturday, November 03, 2007

Izakaya Kikufuji

Another resto that I have been wanting to try for quite some time now...IZAKAYA KIKUFUJI! YEHEY! Finally, last night ...after convincing...Sergio (a.k.a. Ven)...the gang and I went for a food trip to Japan! I just love Japanese restos run and patronized by Japanese! Makes me feel sure I'm getting the real-deal =) It's located at my dreaded area...Pasong Tamo Extension. Good thing they all knew how to get there so we didn't have any navigation problems.

The place fits the typical Japanese Izakaya stereo-type. They have seats along the sushi bar where you can watch the sushi chef prep your food! Lots of sake bottles on the walls...which looked like they are owned by We got a nice room, where you sit on the floor...and there is a depresseion underneath the table to you have leg space =) cool....but I don't really mind siting indian style =)

Tuna Sashimi

I think this one is tooo bloody red! hehhehe ;P Frech enough..but I think the pieces are kinda too big =)
Good Ol' California Maki
a typical dish...hmmmm..the pieces were not cut evenly....but it tasted fine.

Uni Sashimi
scarry looking...but delicius! The serving size is quiet generous.

Mixed Tempura was ok..but the fishy taste got to the eggplants and other veggies in the mix....
Well, as you can see from this needed more sauce. the delish part about donburi's is having the rice drenched in sauce! hahah at least Sergio thought so...he poured 2 small bowls os extra sauce on this! hahaha It was good naman (I tasted it ;P).


Cold Soba Noodles

Ebi Tempura

It was not as crunchy as we wanted them to be.

Chicken Katsu
This I really like...simple and fried to a perfect crisp! =)


Forgot it's actual name...but its US steak...priced just a bit lower than the wagyu. It was very tender and good.


Yup, after getting the bill, they ave us a coupon for free darft per guest...not bad....for the boys! hehehe

All in all, I think we kinda expected too much ffrom the Izakaya. The food was good but we were anticipating GRRREAAAAAAAAAT! hehhe The price is ok...our bill was around 4,500....not bad we ordered a lot. Please don't get me wrong our food was delicious and we wiped them out. Perhaps we should order more unconventional dished next time...perhaps get sake ;P hehehe

Eating at a new resto is always a good and fun experience!!! Thank you SERGIO!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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