Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vegan Treats & Uno Sweets =)

It's makes me feel good tryning to eat healthy. I dragged my friends again, but this time...we went vegan. One of my favorite, and perhaps the only, vegetarian resto I frequent...Greens =) As Rachel Ray always healthy if you want to eat a LOT! hehehe

For something crispy... an alternative to pork chicharon...Vegetarian Chicharon

Made from wheat...yes, these are carbs...but they are mighty good. They do taste like good ol' pork chicharon! If I get old and become forbidden to have fat on fat pork rinds..I would be having these =) They serve it with spicy vinegar. Crispy and delicious!

Now, for more cripsy stuff...leaning on protein this time...Crunchy Tofu Skins ...

Tofu skins with sesame seeds...served with tomato ketchup. These are really yummy! It will kill your crispy-crunchy cravingwhile feeling good since it is tofu based =)

Well, both are fried but then I guess less evil in a way, don't you think? We think so =)

This is the Soy Chicken Embutido

Ground chicken meat made into an embutido...with a soy based casing. The skin of this embutido is redolent of hotdog casing. It tastes real embutido! Yummm

I accidentally deleted the picture of our favorite dish..the Fish Relleno. It was really good! Fish meat mixed with the usual relleno ingredients...wrapped in nori, breaded and deep fried! Soooo GOOD! We all loved the nori twist which gave it a unique flavor! I'll Try to find the pics and upload again..or better yet..go back there...order and order it again ;P

We had brown rice with the above mentioned dishes...and that felt nice...feeling well satiated while feeling good anout what we ate =) hehehe

I think there are so much more yummy dishes to try at Greens. The many times I've dined there, I always have the faux I am really glad to have had the chance to try new and interesting vegan treats.

Feeling good with our dinner...we rewarded ourselves with fantantic desserts. We went to our favorite UNO restaurant for some sweet sensations!

I've said it before and I'll say it again I LOVE UNO! hehehe one of the nicest restos found in the morato area...nice place..consistenlty good food and service =)


A very light verion of baked cheesecake. It's not like the usual dense baked varieties you'd find. Light as it IS very creamy still. Delicious and not sweet. We loved it!

I found this at the dessert trolley...something new for the day...brownies =)
Crusty on the outside and fudgy inside with chopped walnuts! Yummy!!! Chocolatey but not sweet. It was just perfect! Super cheap at Php 40.00!

An all time fave...the lemon tart
It's not too sour and not sweet! Pefect as well. The moist lemony filling is well complimented by the shortbread-like crust.
These babies were great with the nice brew they also serve here. I love everything about this resto. The breads...the food...the desserts. So nice. If I were to have my own resto I would want something like this...small..initimate with great quality. The chef owner is always there..he was there last night..over-seeing everything..and this personal touch makes UNO delightful over time =)


Ruy said...

I thought for a moment there you were going healthy. Haha!

Jen Tan said...

hahaha...well ruy...we have to "reward" ourselves for "trying" to eat healthy d ba? 'P hahaha

why healthy naman ang desserts namin ah:

CHEESECAKE= calcium, protein rich
BROWNIES= chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, walnuts in them rich in vitamin E, protein and fibre
LEMON TART= rich in Vit C ;P

see...HEALTHY ruy ;P

Ruy said...

Yup. That's why it's called "trying".;p

Jen Tan said...

hahaha ;P

spanx said...

Vegetarian Chicharon?!??!?!

gosh, what's the world coming to?

give me some fatty chicharon from bocaue,

Jen Tan said...

hahaha...yup, yup spanx..faux chicharon...shocker ba? pero does taste quite close...but ofcourse...nothing beats the real deal..pork chicharon! hahah From bocaue?--dun ba masarap ang chicharon? hanggang lapids lang alam ko!