Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jozu Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar

There is this new Japanese resto along Tomas's situated infront of Hot Shots Burger, where Super Bowl of China used to stand. Well, it is my duty to patronize new business in the vicinity, to help our economy right? ---Right! ;p hahaha The name is Jozu. As I learned, it is owned by the son of Mr. Villavicencio (hope I spelled it right), who also runs Saikono. The place was empty when we entered...and we were greeted by the nice staff. There was a Japanese chef there, who, as I was told, was the Japanese chef of the original Saisaki. The place is quite big..2-storey...modern interiors and the tables with grills were at the 2nd floor.

They offer a lot of interesting jap dishes, apart from the conventional offerings.

Here is the Kamameshi Rice
I love Kamameshi rice! That is why, Kamameshi House was one of my favorite jap restos =) I used to frequent the branch at Libis....I don't know why it closed down =(

Let me open the nice kamameshi wooden give you a beeter view of what we had...

It's steamed rice, that turned brownish from the sauce (I guess) with which it was cooked with and mixed with beef, chicken, shrimps and vegetables. It was good...but I still favor the good ol' Kamameshi house rendition. This one was generous with the mixin's and very filling. Can be a meal on it's own =)

The Jozu Sashimi Tokujo (Mixed Sashimi Platter)

Beautifully plated! It consists of Salmon, Tuna, Eel, Octopus, Seabream, Sea Urchin, Tiger Prawn, Squid with shromp roe, Crab-stick roll and egg omelet. A good mish-mash of sashimi faves...all fresh! We are good here. Not bad for Php 470.00!

Tori Chiisu Maki Teriyaki
Perhaps chiisu means "cheese"??- ;P hehehe Well, its Grilled chicken rollled with got it...chees-u =D

And lastly...the Agedashi Tofu...

I think this was too heavily breaded. A bit too floury =)
A good Japanese resto...good service and the price just right! We fun dining at Jozu! Thanks Elpo! =D

Here is my shobe and I...happy after our dinner


Ruy said...

Wow sarap. It's not good to visit your blog on an empty stomach. Torture...

Hey, I emailed you something.

Anonymous said...

food reminds me of saisaki... chisu really is cheese in japanese:)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! hahaha....I'll take that as a compliment ; blog mnyo din kaya ni liv...lalo na yun niluto mo the other day...crispy..crunchy..fried =D hahahaha

ok will check my mail thanks!

Jen Tan said...

i thought so jeff ;P hehehe well, saisaki same same ..but different ;P hehehe

i wana try sousaka..what's good there?

Ruy said...

Haha! Thanks din. =)

spanx said...

hi jen!

the Ultimate Pampanga Food Trip is on December 15, in case you and shobe are interested to join us ",

frogs and crickets are on the menu, as well as a leisurely lauriat-type lunch at claude tayag's home/atelier/museum
in angeles city.

we cap off everything with the Giant Parol Festival in san fernando.

Jen Tan said...

hey spanx! sounds like a great plan =) will ask my shobe if she has no more classes by that date...I'll probably ask my friends if may gusto sumama sakin..

thanks for the invite..I'll get in touch wih you if I can go..hope may kasama ako=)