Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Loving Dinner... Ala Diane!

I must say it and dining bring about memories...lots of memories. As I found myself back at Ala Diane's....I was filled with Nostalgia...of college days and good friends. Ala Diane is a small cafe, along Sto. Domingo street almost bordering Retiro. Once again there...a flashback of college days came in a rush. This used to be situated at Panay, Quezon avenue. Back when the National Bookstore building there was not yet a Crossings department store and supermrket yet...just the bookstore..powerflex gym and Ala Diane at the forefront along Panay side. I used to go there with my very good college gal pals Ros, Lotte and Shawie beloved friends =) We would have meryenda there...having our favorites...chicken tocino, beef stroganoff, apple pie and banana caramel fudge.

It was just so delightful to be back and taste the good old stuff. Let me just share them .....

This is the Chicken Tocino...
Sweetish and oh so tender chicken breast pieces. So good! So good that it made us order another plate of it sans the rice =)
Beef Stroganoff Fetuccine
Creamy beef stroganoff..on al dente pasta with cheese and a side of buttered toast. No parmesan here...nothing fancy-schmanzy gourmet...just good old delicious homey comfort food. It stil tastes as good as when I had first tried it =)
Apple Pie with warm Butterscotch sauce

It's my favorite apple pie rendition...its a double pastry crust kind of pie...tender apple filling and the buttery rich sauce is great with it. What makes it so delicious, for me, is having beautiful memories that I relish with every fork-full of this pie =)
This is my friend Ros' favorite....I remeber...Banana-Caramel Fudge

It's like a Banofee pie..but for me way better! The crust is like a fudge brwonie with a layer of caramel and banana slices topped with cream and chocolate-chip morsels. Well, I worked my way around as not to get the cream...but this tasted divine! I love it. I remeber I never ordered this I have a disliking of cream..but I don't was great having it that night =)

Simple things can bring so much satisfaction. They also offer other homemade goodies and cakes at very affordable prices.

I enjoyed the chicken tocino so much...I asked the wiatress if they sold it uncooked. They did! Php 105.00 half kilo! NOt bad at all!!!! I took some home to share with my sisters =)

Very happy that things hasn't changed here...only thing to note...they do close up quite early...around 8 or 830pm is closing time. Please try it and bring home some pie, banana-caramel and tocino! =)


Ruy said...

Oh wow! I thought that place was gone! I remember the food there was good. I'll definitely check this place out again.
Na remisce ko bigla yung old NBS with the family computer arcade and fish store and FUNHOUSE (joke shop)!

Jen Tan said...

hey Ruy! so you know this place noon too?? yeah do go back...and brng the family...masarap pa din. Nakaka miss ang good ol days noh?

Ruy said...

You said it. Nakakamiss talaga. I guess I understand why you're feeling so nostalgic specially with the big change in your family.
I remember there used to be a fish shop in National too. I grew up around the area kasi and NBS Quezon Ave was a favorite hang out for me (I'm such a nerd I know).

Jen Tan said...

thank you for understanding my sentiments ruy...yeah a real adjustment period for us but I am sure we will get used to it =)

Ah yeah I think I remeber that fish shop...though hangang NBS at ala Dianne lang ako nag li-linger. Ako rin grew up around here...kaya siguro tayo Makati haters? bwhahaaha ;P sanay kase tayo sa malalapit na hang outs natin here.

Ruy said...

Yup and QC traffic's a far cry from Makati's. Thank God. The great thing about QC travelling is there are endless options and sidestreets to take in case a certain area is congested.

Jen Tan said...

so true ruy...saka parang you feel safe sa QC....wla naman madameng pulis lurking around morato pag coding ako....I like meet ups here mga tipong early dinner or coffee thing =)

baka magalit na ang mga Makati people satin! hahahaha ;P WE LOVE MAKATI ...Makati lang doesn't like us ;P harhar

Ruy said...

Yeah, specially the traffic enforcers. They hate us there. But WE LOVE MAKATI. How can we not, there's so much good food there. =)

Jen Tan said...

right on ruy! ;P