Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Wilkie Way ;P

Friday night and we are all set for a night out of town! The plan was initially set to Alabang, I wanted to bring my friends to Amoroma's...but...our plan took a slight turn...a bit over Alabang...and on to Tagaytay! But before we forge through the south...we needed a bit of a tuk-tuk-sluuuuurp moment....;P

Yes, a quick pitstop at our now favorite balutan at Scout Chuatoco! This time some penoy-higop!!!


As I was informed, it is called penoy higop because of its soft-boiled state.....

Yummmmm!!!!! I liked it a lot! I think this will be my alternative to the balut. No chick part I am all cleared. It has a creamier texture than a soft boiled egg...and has that balut taste that I like =) Sooo good!

On our seemed like that 1 penoy per person snack didn't hold up or growling stomachs for long. We had a long way to go still and fortunately for us Wilkie was sweet enough to bring us snacks ...nagaraya, bread pan, toblerone and bottled water!!!!----HOW NICE talaga!!! =D There was a treat to please everyone in the car. Thank you Doc Wilks!

The snacks were enough to keep our stomachs tamed as we reached our destination......

buon giorno!!!!

Oh yes!!!! The place was great! I love the ambiance..overlooking the taal volcano. The weather was crisp and cool...bordering to cold even! We loved it!
The bread basket
Nice bread with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip!

Fritto Misto De Mare

Fish sticks and Calamares....deep fried to golden crisps...served with tartar sauce! We loved every morsel of this appetizer! Gimme more!!!!! ;P

Croquettes with Mozarella

Beautiful golden balls of rice with a cheese center surprise! It was served with marinara sauce. Delicious...but it is very filling! Well, it's made of rice so you can just imagine it thump down in your stomach, so eat moderately. A unique dish!

Now for some fun....we had MARE PESTO PIZZA
A light and thin crusted pizza with mixed seafood toppings, pesto sauce a mozarella cheese!!!

How can you not like that? =)

Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Mozarella, Fontina, Parmesan and Gorgonzola!!!! YUMMEH!!!!

As I have was a cold evening...we were seated al fresco...this being our 2nd pizza...the cool breeze got to the it didn't stretch our much in this shot!
The pizzas were very good! The crust was crispy and thin and the toppings very generous! A beautiful and delicious Italian evening.

We had a super great time at boun how do we cap this perfect dinner?
How about a trip to Figaro at East 19?! Upon goin up to tagaytay, I kinda mentioned that I have never really been to that East 19 place...where there is a Grappa's resto, Dencio's, Figaro and a Ballroom club (I think). I was just so happy to be able to see the place....and it was nice indeed!

This is the view looking down from the outside of Figaro.
We enjoyed our coffee there. It wasn't nearly as cold there as it was up in Tagaytay..but I think its a nice hang out as well.
As if our evening was not capped yet...indeed, it wasn't...we just have to end it....

What a perfectly extra-ordinary night out it had been. Thank you guys...we shall do this again!!!! =D


elpo said...

i will definitely walk "The Wilkie Way" again... hehehe

Ruy said...

Excellent looking pizzas. Very appetizing post! Layo inabot natin ah.=)

Elaine said...

That was a great night indeed! Great weather, good pizza and the oh so yummy Wilkie Way concoction! Where's the next stop next week? ;)

Jen Tan said...

Eplo..thanks talaga tp you and doc Wilks ;P THEEE BEST KAYO!!! hahaha

kelan ule?

Jen Tan said...

ruy...sarap here..and maybe extra enjoyable eating kase ang ganda talaga ng ambiance...and great, great company!

bring the mrs. here! ---yah ang layo pero IT"S WORTH THE TRIP ;P

Jen Tan said... was great talaga! hanggang saturday..hung over pa ako---sa saya ha...not sa lasing! ;P bwahahaha 'till our next trip....layuan pa natin??? hehehehe pero bilib ako sa yo ah...wilkie way + pinoy malibu (a.k.a. coconut lambanog) hahaha