Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sweet Sensations

I asked if you have crispy crunchy how about craving for something sweet...decadent....chocolately ?? Well, most girls have these sugary desires..I am sure. Though I am not really fond of very sweet, sweets... I do adore desserts =)

Let me just share two sweet endings that I have had with dear ones the past week.

This is the Snicker Cheesecake from Banaple

I don't like snickers as a chocolate bar...but this cheesecake with snicker bits...was good =) The crust is like a choco-chip cookie crust...and the cheesecake body nicely baked. It is topped with chocolate ganache. best to have someone to share it with. Oh....lovely with strong black coffee to bring down that sweetness.

Now this is a winner.... Bailey's-Oreo Cheesecake at Jack's Loft.

I sooo love creamy liqueurs like Amarula, Tequila Rose and Bailey's....alcohol drinks that I can take well (I think ;P). This is great! Creamy baked cheesecake, lightly flavored with Bailey's with speckles of oreo cookie bits on an oreo cookie crust! Knock-off that whipped cream on top....and this one is divine for me =) Best shared with friends too ;P


Ruy said...

I'm not too fond of cheesecakes but you just showed me two cheesecakes with two things I definitely love. Snickers and liquor! hmmm, these might just turn me into a chesesecake disciple. Haha!=)

Jen Tan said...

hahahaah ruy!!!!! huwaaaaat??? you don't like cheesecake??? i cannot believe it!!!try the Bailey's Oreo cheesecake make you a sure shot convert! hahha So you like liqueurs ei...creamy ones??? Amarula have you tried? I love that...sana may mag imbento ng Amarula cheesecake..or Amarula-choco cake....o sige na nga kung wala INUMIN NA LANG NATIN STRAIGHT! ;P bwahahaah!

Ruy said...

What about vodka cheesecake or tequila cheesecake? Think thy'd have that? Fine, inumin na lang!
I haven't tried amarula.

Jen Tan said...

hmmm ruy...ok kaya yun vodka in cheesecake?? Yeah..inumin nalang natin I think mas better! hahaha I don't like tequila eh...parang too rubbing alcohol like ;P hehehehe Do try's great..buhos mo sa vanilla ice cream!!! yummy yun! =)

Ruy said...

Okay if you say it's really good. =)(it's a good excuse to get some alcohol in the system). Haha.

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this