Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Single People: Drag King & Queens ;P

Back to my single life....and what do single people do on a lazy weeknight?---call for PIZZA night! Yehey! Yeah...Elaine and I do love having pizza...fun and no frills hang out treat. We planned to go to Pizzeria Toscana, because its near ...but when we got there..it was still closed! We asked if we could just sit there and wait untill they open...but they didn't let us! Nakakainis noh? But well...they were still fixing up so we just left and thought of having taho at the big little store. On our way there...I remembered Amazing Cones. I haven't tried dining in and Elaine hasn't tried them yet....it was pizza night din naman...so we gave it a go =)

The place has a fun feel...they serve ice cream and shakes. Kids and kids at heart will enjoy hanging at this place.

Well, since we were to have pizza for dinner, we just shared a cone to taste and tease our appetites =)

This is the screaming garlic.

Yummy! The crust is crispy and sweetish...kids will love this. It has tomato-garlic filling topped with cheese.

After enjoying our Amazing Pizza cone, we headed off to Pizzeria Toscana. It's located at Castillas St., near Gilmore area.

This is a siamese cod-fish pizza and tomato artichoke.

It was good...but not so great. As I recall from the last time I ate there, the crust is kinda bland...still is...but ok for Php 270.oo Our favorite is still the Cibo pizza ovale...next time girl...we stick to that ;P

Before finishing up our dinner, I invited my friend to meet up with us for coffee...and ofcourse he said yes! He escaped his duty and St. Luke's for some crepes and coffee =) This is why I entitled this post...drag king and queens...meaning: we single peopla are soo KALADKARIN ;P bwahahaha...by that I mean easy to drag into foodie trysts! hahaha =) But. this is exactly what makes singlehood fun =) hehehe Well, we enjoyed our crepes and chit chats ...rants and raves about our daily what-have-yous. Then we delve into the talk of food again...and we got into talking about street food...and ended up thinking of balut...

Balut...then my friend goes.."hey, I know this balut place na super ok.." Elaine and I go..."let's go!" hahaaha drag queens talaga noh? hehehe

My friend took us to Scout Chuatoco St. and there stands this....

...a balut stand. Php 10.00 a piece. We each got one balut...one lang to be kind to our hearts naman. Hey, they sell very nice balut ah...small lang yun chick part...which I DON'T EAT. Yes my friends...I DO NOT EAT the sisiw part as it SCARES the daylights out of me =( Thinking of it gives me the creeps! eeeeepsssssssssss!!! I like the yellow part though...very much...that is all I eat from the balut and the sabaw, ofcourse ;P hehehe Yummy! I bought 9 pieces more...5 to give to my family...4 for my newly wed shobe and hubby to share =).

What a trip that night turned out! Thanks guys! =)


Ruy said...

Sweet naman,balut for the family!=)

I've tried amazing cones but didn't like the flavors I had too much as they ran out of the garlic flavored one which was my first choice.
I'm just thinking, what does it say about our world when we start inventing pizzas that are "more convenient" to eat?
Pizzeria Toscana I pass every now and then but haven't gotten to trying yet. =)

Jen Tan said...

thanks..di ko nakakalimutan family ko lalo when I encounter food I know they love =)

hahaha...yeah ruy..para bang napaka hectic talaga ng buhay natin that we have to have pizza's in cone form nalang...well..fun food but nothing beats the real deal right?

Hmm...skip mo nalang ang Toscana! hahaha Mag effort ka nalang to Makati for Caruso or Cantinetta..mejo so so lang pizza here eh...I would much rather have Cibo pizza ovale..have you and liv tried that?

Ruy said...

Di ba? Pagkain na lang ng pizza pinapadali pa. Haha.=)
Yup, We've tried the pizza in Cibo and I liked it. Actually everything we had when we ate there was so good specially their roastbeef and pasta.
Sige, I'll reserve my energies for Makati pizza or Mickeys.=)

Anonymous said...

:( .... u didnt invite the ultimate pizza lover....

Jen Tan said...

jeff...=( nakalimutan ko...malayo ka e....pag Makateeeee tara go! =)Ang Nuccios!!! ;P

Jen Tan said...

ruy...way to go!...Makati naman...i-date mo si liv =)Tas sama ako!~ bwahahaha pero hanap mo ako ng date para d ako 3rd wheel! har har har...just kidding..

pero kung natatamad drive...madame naman Cibo sa paligid-ligid natin right? Haven't tried roast beef there ah...ano yun entree? I always have pasta (Margherita or al fonso) or panini's or pizza or salad or soup or bruschetta lang there...hahaha NI-LAHAT ANG MENU NOH;P

there was this one time ruy...sa Cibo Promenade...the manager gave us free Tiramisu if mag order daw yun friend ko ng grapeshake! sympre pinilit ko yun friend ko mag grape shake...sulit d ba for free TIRAMISU!! nice noh...at malaki yun bigay na free ah =)

Ruy said...

Haha! Ok yang idea mo. Sige I'll let you know if ever magawi dun.=)
Hey, swerte mo naman sa mga free stuff! Nakakainggit.=)

Anonymous said...

malay mo nasa qc area ako nun:(

Elaine said...

I love the balut! (tok.. tok... slurp slurp....) Hey Jen next on the list! Sama niyo ako ni Elpo UP street food!!!!

Cibo pizza So far is the happiest, along with pizza at Mickey's!

Jen Tan said...

sure thing elainey!!!! YESSSS!!! TOK_TOK_SSSSLUUURP! hahahhaha

mag popost nako ng Wilkie Way!! YEHEY! UP street food tayo next na...sympre kasama ka!!! =D

Jen Tan said...

yes ruy...swerte sa free stuff pero unlucky sa romance!!! ;P bwahahahaha...we will try to change that =D hehehehe

hahaha yehey...maybe we are bumping into eachother sa mga restos...d lang natin alam ;P its a very small world!

Jen Tan said...

jeff...soweeee...yah oo nga...next time I will text you..pizza na! =D