Sunday, November 25, 2007

Feeling Chirstmas Already =)

Yes! A bit early actually...but I started to FEEL Christmas already =) Well, actually the feeling crept in last sunday. I promised by dear friends Gwen and Lyn that I would visit their Angelati Italia booth at the Noel bazzar at World Trade Center...then ran for a week (if I am bot mistaken). FYI: Angelati Italia is, by far..the best GELATO IN TOWN! =D

I started my sunday shopping day early. My favorite shopping buddy Mike picked me up from the house around lunch naturally...we both haven't had lunch...goodie because there is reason to go visit Mickey's deli once more! =) I sooo love that place.

Checking out Mickey's at lunch time....still packe with patrons.....still has that waft of delicious freshly baked artisan bread aroma upton entering....ahhh...I love the smell of bread baking...that is one of the reasons I soo love to make bread as well.

Here is something new on the little blackboard of daily specials....Eggplant Parmegiana

Sooo good and cheesy!!! It was great with the bread basket we had. You mop it clean with sourdough bread...delicious! ;P

How about some pasta...this is just simple Olive Oile pasta with garlic and chili...I forgot the name though...

The pasta..aldente..very good olive oil flavored with garlic with a light hit of heat! Simple. Perfect. Delightful...again with bread =)

Well, carbohydrate overload..but hey...good carbs naman right?;P I want to go back and try the rib eye steak...which looked huge and delish ....and I also saw the neighboring table order meatloaf...HUGE and as I over heard the guy say..ang sarap! ;P Pardon my eavesdropping on other people on other tables ...pero only about there order lang nama =) hehehe

After our yummy lunch..we went to Power Plant Mall to do a little shopping...and headed on to....

...the Noel Christmas Bazaar! It feels a lot like Christmas there! They piped in Chirstmas carols in the halls...booths and booths of clothes, gift items and FOOD!!!! How can you not feel the spirit of the Yuletide season with that? =)

This is the Angelati Italia Booth

Check out the yummy gelato they offered!

I had the Chocolate & Cereals---I LOVED IT! You can tell it's really great as people never stop liningup!
Great food..great gelato and great shooping day (promise! winner shopping day talaga! ;P) Thanks Mikey!
It's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas indeed =)


Ruy said...

That eggplant parmigiana looks really tasty.
Can I just say that I so can imagine how much fun it must have been for you to spend a day just eating awesome food and shopping.
I love how you see (justify?) all the benefits and nutrients of the food you eat. I agree. Let's always look at the bright side of things.=)

Ruy said...

You make bread? What kind? I'm impressed.

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! you betcha...good food and great shopping really brings out the best in me =)

thanks for the kind words...maybe I have that tendency to relate food I eat with its nutritional because of my Food Technology background (that is what I took up in college =) )

Yes I do make bread. My recent obsession was Sourdough =) Please check out my August 2007 archives ...if you would. I also make chocolate cinnamon rolls...pan de sal...pretzles...grissini....anything yeast leavend. hahah I love bread making!

Ruy said...

Just went through your sourdough obssession and as much as I'm inspired by your success, I don't think I have the patience for preps that last several days! I'm the type who wants to eat what I worked for ASAP! Haha! But maybe baking just might teach me patience right?
Oh well, I'll need a decent oven first with a thermostat that works before anything else. Thats important right?
I'll be happy to just read and be awed by your baking exploits til then.